We the Purple?

Oh, I've had another lovely weekend so far. Last night we went down to the local pub for dinner with our dear next-door neighbors, whom we've seen powerfully little of in recent weeks. I said to Maggie, "Maybe if we didn't live so far apart . . . we'd get together more often." Anyway, when we came home, we watched a Netflix and I did all of the fingerwork on the performance dress except the hem. This morning I got the seam tape on and tonight I'm going to handstitch that hem in. A good pressing, and it will be done.

Today I did mountains of laundry and started sewing the blocks into rows for the batik four-patch quilt. I wanted a name for it and began thinking "Power to the Purple" might be the name. Then later tonight I though perhaps "We the Purple." Am sort of up in the air on this at present. Could be that the real name hasn't come to me yet. I'm liking this quilt a lot.

You can see the start of some cabins. After I made that cabin for Marsha a week or two ago, I got to wanting some of my own. I have a great big Rubbermaid tub of batiks and plenty of black, so I cut a bunch of centers this morning and have been using this as a leader-ender project as I assemble Purple.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you already know the trouble I have with leader-enders. They tend to develop strong personalities and get kind of pushy, demanding to be made into real projects, not just insignificant leader-enders. Usually they prevail. Not this time, I hope. I gave those centers a good strong talking-to today and I think they are going to behave.

If not, I imagine you'll be among the first to know.


Micki said…
You sound like you had a wonderful weekend! I like that you name your quilts and both are really good.
Enjoy your project!
Pat said…
Your blog post title gave me a real chuckle this morning! The color combo is very nice.

Since you work at a Quaker school, how about a play on non-violets? (homage to Honna).
Unknown said…
You're soooo right about leaders and enders - they surely do get too big for their boots - but at least if they're muscleing in and turning into projects of their own then something's getting done :o)