Ready for Thanksgiving?

When one works at a school, the question among the staff and the faculty is inevitable: "Are you ready for Thanksgiving?"

It's never clear whether the question means, "Isn't it great to be having 4.5 days off!" or "Are you cooking on Thursday and if so, have you hit the grocery store yet?"

The "are you ready" question returns in another month, but I'm not ready to go there yet.

My standard answer to the "are you ready" question is -- God willing -- "I'm where I should be." As in, right now, for instance, I've not bought my turkey or made any pies, but I've tidied the guest room, planned my menu, made my shopping list, and designated the time to go shopping before Wednesday when the parking lot at the store is a life-threatening adventure.

We do things differently at our place. Years ago, it became obvious that the best holiday of the year shouldn't be compromised with stress about whose turn it is to go where. Two of my children have in-laws within an hour of our home. And those in-laws do Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day. And we do it on Friday. It's such a simple solution! Two turkey dinners for some people. No hurt feelings. No juggling of calendars. An extra day for preparation. Stores open that morning just in case.

Am I ready to stuff a turkey? To admire but not eat someone's punkin pie? To have our entire family together under one roof? To take the annual group photo for the Christmas card? Am I ready? Oh, yes! And as for everything else: I'm where I should be.


The Calico Cat said…
To admire but not eat someone's punkin pie?

Not a fan?

There is something to be said about being where you should be & knowing it at the time...
I am very thankful this Thanksgiving because my part was over yesterday! Since our children all go to the spouse's folk's on Thursday, we had our big family gathering yesterday so I'm done. A good time was had by all and I had a whole pumpkin pie left over for breakfast this morning!
Liz said…
Good planning to get the holiday shuffle done without any stress. I gave up doing the shuffle a number of years ago - partly due to too many years of no leftovers at my house when we were the travelers. So now our extended family does their own dinners and gathers for game night and leftover dessert at the biggest house (not mine, LOL) anytime after 6 pm. Works for all of us, as does your version for your family. Doesn't it just make one more thing to be thankful for !!

Oh, nice black dress too, you are a very special MIL to think of your harpist and her particular needs.
It's not my favorite holiday, since I spend it cooking and worrying about the damn turkey and will I end up poisoning my family. If it weren't for the turkey sandwiches the next day, I'd just as soon eat out.My favorite part of the whole day is after dinner and sitting around in the living room and maybe watching the old "Robin Hood" or "Meet Me in St. Louis" and having a nice piece of pumpkin pie and a glass of cold mile. And the turkey sandwiches the next day. All white meat with mayonnaise on white bread. With dressing and cranberry sauce on it.
WV: lottle. Like Ogden Nash ode to the ketchup bottleand how the ketchup comes out - First a little, then a lottle.
Judi said…
Of course, here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, which is understandable but rather a shame since I'm all for any excuse to bring your nearest and dearest together to eat!

Love the dress, I'm sure it will be a delight!

WV is loided - is this a rich New Yorker?