Endangered Species of Vegetable?

Well, I had to go to three different stores before I was finished. I had to work on Sunday afternoon, so got to take this afternoon off as comp time. What a great deal! The stores weren't crowded, the lines weren't long, and the parking lots weren't life-threatening.

First I went to the little local grocery store where I generally do most of my shopping. Got my bird and most of the other things. But not the parsnips.

I needed some goat cheese crumbles and some better looking parsley, too, so I went over to Whole Foods, thinking that would finish things. I got the parsley and the salad fixings and the crumbles and while I was at it I picked up a couple of scones. But not the parsnips.

So off I went to the dreaded Genuardi's. And viola! I walked into the door and there stood the manager who promptly inquired how I was and then personally escorted me over to the parsnips. And they were just gorgeous. All scrubbed and clean and with those stringy little tails chopped off.

Had already found my anjou pears at the first stop. So I think I'm good to go.

What am I going to make? Pear and parsnip puree. Requested by a very smart fellow for Thanksgiving dinner.


Pat said…
(humming in the background).... And a parsi-ip in a pear tree.

Sounds yummy.

We always do communal feasts at my sisters, so my only contributions this year are both turkeys (a mega butterball & a much smaller smoked), gravy, bread stuffing with apple, and garlic mashed. Oh, and Pop-Pop has to bring the huge sack of Logo/Duplo blocks he got at a garage sale for the Grands to play with.

Life is good, and there is much to be thankful for. Including a Genuardi's with parsnips.

Many blessing to you and your happily expanding brood!
Pati said…
I thought I had completely finished my Thanksgiving shopping when lo and behold, I forgot the Jello banana pudding!! So, I am off back to the store to get that! And then I will be done!!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!!
Barb said…
Oh my word, just today in the office there was a conversation about "parsnips" LOL! I had no clue what one would do with "parsnips" and the youngest gal in the office said "it is tradition with her family to have roasted parsnips for Thanksgiving", and here you are talking about the search for them complete with a picture! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!
Sue said…
When I was little I remember my grandmother insisting that my mother got parsnips at the store. She ate them cooked with butter, or mashed, or mashed together with potatoes for a mashed potatoes and parsnips dish. She also like them cut up in soup. Your post brings back memories- I haven't eaten or thought about parsnips in a long time.

So.. what are you doing with the puree? Eating it like mashed potatoes or more like soup?
Salem Stitcher said…
Ooh that sounds good. I wonder if I can find parsnips around here somewhere...
*karendianne. said…
...just another thought to share on those parsnips. I love me some good parsnips!