I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

And right now I could use a little help.

It's those Rouenneries. I've fondled and admired them. And fantasized and unfolded.

I still don't know what I'm going to make from them! And I'd love to get working on whatever it is going to be right after Christmas.

So, friends, how about helping me decide? Send me a link to your favorite quilt that uses only fat quarters (except for borders). I've got about 40 of 'em. There's a prize in it for somebody. A fat quarter or two, of course.

But not Rouenneries.

No way.


LizA. said…
Hhhmmm, that's a tough one. But this comes to mind:
Di said…
I'm fretting over the same question - in fact, just blogged about it! Maybe you would like this too: http://needlemarket.com/quiltedmoments/ocean-waves-quilt

I'm not sure on this idea - can't wait to see what you come up with!
Unknown said…
It's no good asking me Nancy - you know what my quilts are usually like - start in the middle and like Topsy they grow - but if pushed you know what I'm going to say - you can't go far wrong with a good old jewel box :o)
quiltmamajb said…
The Turning Twenty pattern uses 20 fat quarters - makes a huge top - and you could make two of them! What a nice thing to ponder....thanks. Piece...
Four on the Floor...but not the one from American Jane. I have one that uses larger pieces of the fat quarter so that you can really "see" the fabric. If you are interested, email me and I can send you the info. It is a free pattern but you have to download it from some obscure site. (And at the moment, I can't find it!)
*karendianne. said…
Oh, you're so cool! I'll see if I can come across something. :)
The Calico Cat said…

I am partial to Charm Saturday that uses 15 light & 8 dark fat quarters but Charm Friday is nice too - 15 & 13 fat quarters

While they are advertised as "charm" patterns, they give the fat quarter requirements as well.

No prize for me... Just being helpful.
Nancy said…
I always go back to Yellow Brick Road by Terri Atkinson.... It uses 12 fq for a lap so that would leave you with 8 to still fondle....lol
Micki said…
I made this quilt a while back and it is gorgeous! it called the Cross Country Quilt and you can see
The pattern here:


Good luck with what you choose!
Unknown said…
Sassy 16 is a good pattern-similar to yekllow brook road. I love them both.
Anonymous said…
With this sophisticated line of fabrics, I think you need to do something with a little more panache than say a yellow brick road or turning 20 pattern. Have you looked at Carrie Nelson's Miss Rosie's patterns? Most of them will use FQs and the quilts are gorgeous.
Kathy B
Hi Nancy,
I just finished 2 quilts using fat quarter packs. One was called Bento Box and the other was called Double Takes II. The Bento Box was a lot of fun to make.

Anonymous said…
I love Carrie Nelsons patterns, 2 that I'm considering for this line are Elizabeth and Summer Wind but I'm still not 100% decided...but I'm loving my bundle
OK, I'm a little prejudiced, but I love the pattern that is by Lynnette Anderson called Irish Bird. It's an Irish Chain pattern with hand embroidered flowers in applique baskets with birds sitting along side each basket. Prejudiced because I saw the original quilt in Houston at market and fell in love even more with the Rouennerries fabrics. 8 red fqs, 7 grey fqs, 6 cream fqs, plus borders & backing. Even if you're not a hand stitcher, still beautiful! Good luck, I know I had the same problem deciding on how to use this great fabric!