Blog Reconstruction Continues

If, after reading a post on this blog, you have been going to visit blogs that I admire by following the links I have provided, please note that I am in the process of moving my links to Bloglovin, and over time they are disappearing from the blog.

If you like a blog that I link, please add it to your favorites, to your Bloglovin account, or to another service.

Within a few days, all of the remaining links will disappear.


SallyB said…
Could you please give us a new address for your new blog on the new site since this one is disappearing soon? I'd like to continue following your blog and having mine linked to yours as well. Don't know how to move all of that to new sites and such, so if you might be so kind as to tell us all how to do that, it would be most appreciated! THANKS!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I have to say this is all a little baffling and awkward (finding what's where) can't help but be frustrated as I'm not sure what is was that has been fixed but had been unbroken. As long as I can find my way around to my favorite bloggers, even clumsily, I am reassured that this dust will settle soon and all will be fine.