Bonding Away, Near Philadelphia

My bonding woes have come to an end, thanks to a house call by a good friend! Nearly Blogless Bobbi showed up while I was out on Friday, and dropped of a nice roll of fresh bonding filament with the caveat "Read the directions!" Yes, ma'am. By the time we turned off the Netflix for the night, a dozen little Liberty frocks were traced and cut, waiting for the next step. Now the hand buttonholing for three of the twelve is complete, and I've picked out the threads for the remaining nine.

I'm excited about this little project, said Mrs. I-Don't-Make-Wall-Hangings (Ha!). I know that Sherry and Caroline are fond of the one I made for my first granddaughter, and hope that Anastasia and Aberdeen will love this one, too.

I have a hard time, like most people I suppose, trying to hand quilt a large project in the summer. Just so hot and heavy on the lap. So summer would be the season of applique, and hand buttonholing is my main method. I'd begun to make a transportation quilt for Eli, and the first bonding, as you may have read, was a disaster. Turns out I had the iron way too hot. Here's block number one of twelve that I will work on this summer, once Sunday Best is finished. 

This transportation quilt is going to be challenging; the pattern I for crib size, and I'm making a twin quilt for a big boy bed. I've cut my blocks to finish at 14" and mapped out a design that will include filler elements to bring it all up to size. An ambitious project, but for a little fellow who deserves something really special. I expect this is the first of many photos of transportation that will grace this blog in the months to come. I would love to have this quilt finished for Christmas . . . . 


Jo said…
Nancy. A friend recently made a transportation themed quilt for a new grandson, and inserted pictures of family members in the windows - including the family dog! The pattern didn't call for it, my friend just winged it.

Bonnie said…
I will be awaiting pictures of both of these quilts. I have not done much applique and these look wonderful.
LizA. said…
Glad to hear you problem has been solved. Very cute!
Janet O. said…
How thoughtful of Bobbi! I'm glad the problem is solved.
I used to think I would never make a wall hanging. Now I seem to be making them all the time.
I look forward to all of the modes of transportation you are prepared to create. : )
Barbara Anne said…
Cheers for thoughtful, helpful, and generous friends like Bobbi!!

So glad Sunday Best is going well now that your bonding layer is working properly (again, thanks to Bobbi!). This will be a darling and cherished quilt. Do you have any of the fabrics from the new owner's clothes to add into these dress blocks?

The transportation quilt will be a winner, too. Love Jo's friend's idea of putting family photos in the vehicle windows!

Have fun with these delightful projects!

AnnieO said…
Wonderful friends are a delight! Glad you are back on track and full steam ahead! Sorry, I seem to be unable to resist puns today!!