Under Construction

Some of the bloggers I follow list some of the finest links in their sidebars! And, lazy me, for many of these links, I've never bothered to link them to my own blog, but simply go to my friend's blog and follow all those links, going back and forth, until I've seen what's going on in all of those places.

I have reason to believe that some people follow my links regularly, too. Which is totally fine with me.

But watch out!!!!!

I'm a furniture mover. Unlike most Lutherans and old people, I'm not opposed to change for the sake of change! It used to be when we lived in Chicago that Joe would always turn on a light when coming in the front door, because he never knew what arrangement the furniture would have taken during the day. I don't move a lot of furniture any more, but I do like to switch things around on a smaller scale.

One of my bloggers' links suddenly disappeared! And I realized that she apparently had gone to a reader system. Without warning!!!! How dare she!

I'm making a change on this blog. I'm moving to Bloglovin for staying up to date on many of my blogs. I've moved some of them there already, starting with the least frequently updated. At this point I don't know if I'm going to move all of the blogs I regularly follow there or not.

Fair Warning: If you come here to go here, for example, or here, or here, for example, you might want to make note of the blog addresses. Because chances are that I'll be moving those to Bloglovin right soon now.


I didn't join Bloglovin' and, on my blog, never had a list of blogs. So I don't need to do this. OTOH, I did take the time in Feedly, to change all the blogs that I 'follow' in blogger to regular subscriptions.
Janet O. said…
"Unlike most Lutherans and old people, I'm not opposed to change for the sake of change" *LOL*
I also got a kick out of the part about Joe and the light switch! : )
howdidIgethere said…
Thanks for the warning. I am a lazy blog reader and often just wandered over to yours and clicked on something you listed instead of keeping track of it myself.

Dilemma -- do I add to my "reading list" on blogger (which, IIUC, is staying around) or not. Which would mean less time on the computer, but also fewer purty photos and less inspiration.... what to do?
Quiltdivajulie said…
Good for you for making your changes!

I used to use Google Reader but switched over to Bloglovin. All my links in one place instead of keeping a public list on the blog and a private list on the side.

I also like that the reader system alerts me to the presence of new/updated posts.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the warning. I'll have to figure out what to do later. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Guilty as charged, I zip to Kim, Tanya, Mrs. Goodneedle, etc. straight from your blog which I visit every day. I don't know blog readers, but just bookmark everything so I guess I better get busy. Thanks for the warning.
Barbara Anne said…
Is Bloglovin' something that must be joined or will your sidebar take us there should be elect to go?? Yes, I seem to be way, way behind the times!

I lived in Chicagoland when a teen after my father's job transferred us there. We were in Elmhurst, where were y'all?

As I get older, I consider rearranging the furniture much more often than I used to. Some homes I've lived in seemed to have small rooms with little option of where to put the furniture.

Sarah said…
You had me laughing out loud at your comment about Lutherans! My husband is one and my family tease him about the stereotypes. I read your line to him and he smirked/giggled. I follow your blog with Bloglovin.
LizA. said…
So very true about Lutherans.....poor Joe--I think you need to rearrange the furniture just for old times sake the next time he goes away for awhile.....thanks for the reminder of all your great links....I've been exploring them the last couple days and made a wonderful recipe from "point-less" -- yummy! I generally read blogs from my Perfect RSS app so I don't see the links.....