No Moos is Good Moos

I can't think when I last had a Major Moo. Even my current stand-off between my picture card reader and laptop isn't sending me into a frenzy. That's why there is Google Images, right? Am planning to ask my favorite techie to take a look at them when she is in town next week.

I've settled into my new job (two months, now) and continue to be surprised at how infrequently I think about the school and when I do think of it, how few people come to mind. At the church, I'm learning the routine and the key players, all of whom seem very pleasant. I'm getting attached to some of the autistic kids in the school and continue to be filled with admiration for their teachers.

Even the Supreme Court (for the most part) is adding to my contentment!

I recommitted to Weight Watchers several weeks ago and am losing small amounts steadily. I reconnected with the FitBit and it has become a very close and dear friend. I have "friended" people I know on FitBit and admire their progress without feeling as though I have to compete with them.

On the sewing front, I have all of the borders on the happy boys and girls quilt that will one day be quilted, bound, and put on Aberdeen's big girl bed. We have a year or two before that time, but I just wanted to get the top finished while I still knew where everything was! The baby boy quilt has been named Blue Streak and the hand quilting of same is 2/3 finished. I'm using two strands of variegated teal-blue-purple floss and really like it. Yes, I'll post a picture when it is finished, probably one day next week. Next up for hand quilting is the  little Liberty dresses wall hanging.

We're still watching "Mad Men" at a ridiculous pace (damn, that man looks good in a suit!) and wonder how we'll handle withdrawal in another week or so when we are all caught up. That should be the biggest problem we face!


Gari in AL said…
Isn't it funny that when you are happy in your work (employment and home) you have less to "moo" about? At least that seems to be the case with me. I love that you are feeling so contented: keep it up. :-)
Good to read that you are content and happy...and very productive!
LizA. said…
As Mrs. G. says "life is good!"
Quiltdivajulie said…
Tried commenting earlier from my phone - obviously that didn't work . . . SO very happy to read of your contentment and lack of MOOS . . . wonderful!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
What a blissful state to be moo-less. Glad all is well at present and that you're handling all the changes so smoothly, what a blessing... and yes, I've said it before: "Life is GOOD" :)
Judy said…
You sound great. And love the blue quilt!