Little Boy Blue

Yes, of course I'm still quilting. Just not as intensely. With more thought, with less pressure.

My old friend's daughter is expecting a baby boy next month, and I thought I'd make a quilt for him. Initially I had thought about some kind of a rainbow quilt, but then I saw a quilt called Ups and Downs in Sarah Fielke's book  Hand Quilted With Love that I bought about a month ago.

I was inspired! As often is the case with me, I didn't follow the pattern exactly. I didn't make a queen size quilt and I didn't use 3" squares. I made a baby quilt and used 2" squares. I raided my scrap bins and there's a little bit of all kinds of things in it: batiks, homespuns, Kaffe, contemporary, hand dyes. About the only thing missing is a little Civil War!

Sarah's book is just lovely, by the way. I don't buy a lot of quilt books, but I was taken by the cover; it just looked like it was going to be good. And it is.

I don't have a name for this quilt. But I do have a recipient! And I'd better get to quilting it before he arrives!


Very cool scrappiness! Wish I could see it closer to observe the bits and pieces. The distance view blends all of the shades of blue beautifully.
Well, look at that! When I clicked on the photo I could see it closer. Fabulous!! (Do all photos in Blogger do that? I have been blogging and reading blogs for years. This is probably something I should have already known!)
antique quilter said…
very cute , I love the shades of blue
great job
adorable and so ideal for a little boy....
Janet O. said…
Wonderfully eclectic scrap quilt, Nancy.
I love that you are able to quilt at your leisure now! : )
Barbara Anne said…
Ah! Another jazzy joy-joy quilt for some little bitty sweet someone! I love the scrappy happy blues, too.

Your mention of making your squares at 2" instead of the 3" listed in the pattern, reminded me of something. When I was a new quilter, I did an experiment. I used a leaf block pattern that was to be a 5" block. I made one leaf as the pattern instructed, then made two more each cut 1" smaller than the previous leaf block. I was and still am astonished at the great different in block size between those three leaf blocks.

Hugs!glasses na
I likey this. I am glad you are slowing down; it happened to me too when I went to PT.
LizA. said…
What a lovely baby quilt. I've seen all the ads for Sarah's book....just need to actually see if I can find it locally.
Tanya said…
What a pretty quilt! I sometimes forget that with a little tweaking I can make a quilt of my own dimensions. I've got the two inch squares!
Anonymous said…
That looks lovely Nancy :)