In Which I Affirm I'm Not a Tea Bagger

I can't tell you how much this helpful hint found on Pinterest made me laugh.

My mother had dementia; hence, my sister and I are hypervigilant for any signs that the disease has invaded one of us.

I can just imagine putting dry tea bags in my Nikes, having Blackberry find them, Joe catching Blackberry in the act, and signing papers to have me committed immediately.

When I'm not busily considering tea bag options (Red Rose? Decaf? Herbal? Red Zinger?) and trying to remember where I left my shoes, I'm sewing at a happy pace, reading, walking with my FitBit, and planning the July 4th Gala. More about all of these activities, I'm sure, will be fodder for subsequent posts.

In the sewing division, I'm working on Little Boy Blue and at the same time, the leader-ender project I began with him has now turned into a full-fledged project with a temporary name: Post It Notes. Then Kristy asked me if I'd test her newest pattern, so there are blocks-in-progress for that here and there. Her pattern, just to tempt you, is designed for three sizes, from Queen down to Lap. Of course I'm being difficult and making a Baby quilt. The big reveal on this will be at Kristy's discretion.

Then there's the Transportation Quilt for Eli. Three of the nine blocks are finally successfully bonded and two of them are completely hand buttonholed. Time to bond some more, I think. Since this quilt pattern is for crib size and I'm making twin size, I've designed filler blocks and I suppose it is time to get busy making them so I can see if this is really going to work.

Meanwhile, I suggest you stay away from my shoes. These days, we need iced tea more than we need being sent to The Home.


Pat said…
Crappy day here, raining pollywogs snd weasels, and this gave me a good laugh. I'm envisioning your taking your shoes off, only to find tea bags attached to your toes.

If you want yo avoid an Earl Grey calamity, dryer (softener) sheets work quite well. I always tuck one or two in my suitcase as well.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Thanks for the after-lunch chuckle (about the tea bags - not about the worrying part).

Hot and humid here with imminent thunderstorms . . .

Happy stitching!!
Char said…
Great post Nancy. It made me smile as my DH just got rid of a pair of shoes this weekend. Too far gone he said.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the ideas of tea bags (what would the cats do with them tho??) and the dryer sheet to tame stinky shoes. Thanks for the good laugh, too!

I'll pass on a helpful hint of how to keep cats out of the closet if you have bi-fold doors. Yes, this house has humble, small closets and our walk-in (too small) had the aforementioned one bi-fold door. After chasing one or both cats out of our closet, I had a brain storm. I balances an old metal curtain rod on the handle and stretched it to fit between the door frames. Each cat tried to fiddle with the bottom of the door so it would open, just to have the noisy metal curtain rod clatter to the floor scaring the cat out of one of its lives. Just last night one of the cats needed a repeat lesson and we awoke to the clatter of the curtain rod falling. How about this for something totally off the subject?!

Today I've virtuously been putting fabric back on the shelves where each belonged. Over the past months (year?) I'd used or auditioned each fabric and never put it away properly. Hang my head!

Happy sewing!

Janet O. said…
Got a giggle about the shoes and tea bags--also that the one pattern you are testing is queen to lap and you are doing baby size--the other quilt you mentioned is crib size and you are making it twin. You non-conformist, you! : )