Lunch on the Waterfront

There's this person that I know who matters a lot. I met her for the first time in 1997 when we spent two weeks together attending a diaconal formation event during the hottest summer ever to take over Gettysburg. We lived in an unairconditioned dorm.

Friendships formed by broiling tend to take. We've only seen each other perhaps three times since that initial heated encounter. The last time was prolly a dozen years ago. If she needed anything, I'd drop everything without a moment's hesitation to go, and I know she feels the same way. Fortunately, this drastic test has never been needed.

This winter she moved Back East from Out There in the Mid West and we immediately began making plans to get together. She lives about three or more hours from Near Philadelphia, but only an hour and a half from Havre De Grace, MD. Coincidentally, Havre De Grace is an hour and a half from here. And I happen to know of two terrific lunch spots right on the water there.

Last week we met for lunch and it was as if we'd been together only a week or two before. I wanted to take her something but by the time I thought of that, there wasn't time to make a bag. She already has a quilt, of course. So I pulled out some recently-acquired Rowan fabrics and made us a pair of matching infinity scarves.

And we had just the best time together.  Love ya, Judy.


Janet O. said…
Love stories like this, Nancy. Got a giggle out of "friendships formed by broiling"! : )
Lovely scarf fabric.
Pat said…
Old friends make the very best new friends!

You need to show me how to make those scarves.
Barbara Anne said…
Friends of the heart last forever. It's a pleasure to be with them whenever life causes your paths to cross by happen-so or by good planning! Cheers that Judy so kindly moved within meet-up distance!!

Love those fabrics and I, too, would be interested in a tutorial for the scarf. Thank you!!

We're not quite broiling but are certainly stifled by the high humidity here that has followed TS Andrea's rainfall.