The Best Dressed One-Year-Old

My second granddaughter, Aberdeen, recently turned one year old. She lives several states away, and I see her far less frequently than I desire. I haven't even been able to buy lots of pretty clothes for her because an extremely generous friend who has two exquisitely dressed daughters has shared everything a girl could want to have in her closet. Aberdeen, truly, is the best-dressed one-year-old I know.

Recently I put together this wall hanging for her bedroom. I used a pattern called Sunday Best that I got from Cottonseed Glory quilt shop in Annapolis back when Caroline was a baby. Each dress is made from a different Liberty of London print and even the sashing and cornerstones are Liberty.

I hope to get this quilted and bound before I see Miss A on the Fourth of July.

Pardon me if I brag: My granddaughter has a dozen different dresses made from Liberty of London fabric! Talk about best-dressed . . . .


Janet O. said…
And you made every one of them! : )
Cute, cute, cute, Nancy!
Barbara Anne said…
Sweet! Sunday Best is the perfect quilt for a perfectly dressed Little Miss!!

A belated Happy 1st Birthday to Aberdeen! Is she called by her name or has it been shortened to Abi?

Joy! The 4th of July is not long to wait.

LizA. said…
Just darling! Lucky girl.
Cute wall hanging! I love the quilts that have dresses on them. It's also something that she will not outgrow quickly.
Unknown said…
such a lovely use for those Liberty prints and this will grow up with her - so sweet
Its a beautiful quilt. Your Granddaughter is lucky.
Love those liberty prints.