Two Red Bags

I had heard from Anastasia that Aberdeen had appropriated the drunken zebra library bag I had made for Nate not-quite-two-years ago. I figured Nate prolly was about ready for a bigger, more substantial bag, so I put bag fabric on my shopping list for last Friday's trip out to Burkholder's. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but that didn't worry me.

When I saw this great Cat In The Hat fabric, I grabbed it up. The lining is also some kind of Dr. Seuss print. Nate's bag has a layer of batting between the outside and the lining.

In the same general area as the CITH fabric I found this other great fabric of black and white animals on red. All of the animals pictured really are black and white: cows, penguins, dalmatians, skunks, and sobered up zebras. So I grabbed a half yard to make a new bag for Aberdeen; it is lined with cow fabric. It isn't as big and it isn't as substantial as Nate's, and there's no batting. I figure the stuff a one-year-old hauls around isn't going to be that heavy!


LizA. said…
Very. Cute and I'm sure they are going to be very much loved.
Janet O. said…
Love the bags--and I'm so glad you found sober zebras this time! : )
antique quilter said…
cute bags I always made my girls library bags too, we visited often when they were young. they will love their new bags.
oh I am so ready for a trip to Burkholders....
Barbara Anne said…
These bags are so cute and the only thing I wonder about little Aberdeen's bag is if it is sturdy enough. That is because I've seen so many little kids dragging their colorful bags behind them. I wonder if her next bag needs to be sturdier or lead lined (JK!) to help it hold up to wear and tear?

Little kids do dearly love to carry their favorite things in bags!