Back to Normal and a Couple Other Things

....Once I started moving my top priority blogs back to the sidebar, I remembered how satisfied I had been back before I started using the Bloglovin reader. There were columns of top priority blogs on the sidebar. Then there were other blogs, really nice blogs, but I didn't have to know immediately when they  had been updated. So I kept a list of them in my Favorites and once a week or so would scroll through and see what was happening. My problem, upon reflection, was that I'd put too many blogs in too many categories on my sidebar and it was looking cluttered; this led me to Bloglovin. It didn't occur to me to move some more to Favorites. Duh.

.... So I'm going through the bazillion blogs that appear in my Bloglovin feed and am moving a handful modest number to the sidebar. A bunch of them, it turns out, were important for one or two posts and can be let go entirely. The largest group will be moved to my Favorites and put in categories. Ideally, I'll scroll through the Quilters on Mondays, the Foodies on Wednesdays, and the Others on Fridays. Or something.

....I am still going to stay registered with Bloglovin. They post to Facebook when I write a new post and some friends on FB don't follow blogs otherwise.

....You do not have to follow me on Bloglovin if you don't want to. Some people have mentioned difficulty leaving comments when they read through Bloglovin. Here's a solution: Go to you Bloglovin feed page. On the right at the top, next to the search prompt, there's a widdle biddy picture, your icon. Hover your mouse over that and VOILA a drop-down menu will appear! The second from bottom option is Settings so click there and a new page will open. Scroll all the way down to Other and "The Bloglovin Frame." Click the circle next to "I don't want the frame." And then save settings. The next time you visit a blog you should be able to leave comments easily. I can't remember where I found this important advice; I'd certainly credit the person if I could.

....It occurred to me yesterday that the author of the Searching for a Better Shadow book two posts ago just might have been Punxatawney Phil. The comments for that post ("Shadows") were interesting, particularly Patty's which reads, in part: Did you put them all together because they are each about movement and growth? "As you move in search of a different shadow you have to move to the light. The school is growing and your friend is moving to a different light". Wow, Patty, you give me way too much credit. I didn't consciously put them together for any reason; they were just in my mind and showed up there together. 

....I love things like that.


Lori said…
I changed my setting and hopefully I'll be able to leave comments easier on a few blogs, including yours! Thank you for the tip!
howdidIgethere said…
HAHAHA! Just before I read you last two poste, I commented about "Phil" on your "Shadows" post. Perhaps great minds think alike -- and ours too!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the return of your blog list. I used it for ages to find all the blogs I loved. When you switched over, I tried to bookmark all my favorites so I could still read but somehow managed to miss a few. It was wonderful to find Exuberant Quilts and Stella Bella again. And so much has happened in Stella's life: getting married, moving to Santa Fe. It was great to catch up.Thanks Nancy.
Pat said…
Thank you for the ti[p about comments on Bloglovin. I have been frustrated by that & am glad to know there is a solution. I had abandoned Bloglovin for that reason & am still using Blogger.
Barbara Anne said…
Yikes! I heard Phil saw his shadow this morning so it's 6 more weeks of winter - maybe.

I'm another reader who has enjoyed your sidebar favorites in the past and am glad some of them will be back.

It's 65*F here today and what a treat that is for folks, beasts, and birds!

Susan said…
Glad you're getting everything arranged to your liking. I am about to do a bog purge as well. If someone hasn't posted in a year, the blog gets deleted from my feed. As for readers, I have both Feedly (on my iPad as Windows doesn't support it on my laptop) and Bloglovin' on my PC. I'm not entirely in love I with either, but both make it too easy to save blogs to read "later." I find that I rarely return to them and, thus, many blogs only get a quick skim. (Never yours, Nancy! You always give me something to think about.)
Tanya said…
Thank you. I have now tried changing the settings in the Bloglovin account. Let's seem if that helps my mood some.