False Alarm!!!!

For the past few days I've been engaged in a tedious task.

I had been looking in the archives of this blog for a post that I knew I had written. But the "Search This Blog" gadget failed to uncover it.

For a long time I'd wished that I had enabled "Labels" for my blog. But back when I started it, I had no idea what it was going to evolve into, and prolly didn't know "Labels" was a possibility.

But wait! It is not too late! I have been going back over each and every post and attaching "Labels." It is tedious work. There are well over 1700 posts. I have done about 250 of them.

Somehow I must have hit something wrong when I was labeling the posts from our Scandinavian trip and reposted Oslo, Day Two.

Rest assured that we are home, Near Philadelphia.

Even if it feels like Oslo.


Barbara Anne said…
What a hoot! One of my out-there guesses was that quilt recipient Bill was in Oslo and you wanted to present his glorious quilt to him in person so you two just popped over there!! Not so, I see. :)

Good luck with the tedious labelling task. Remember the Little Engine that Could and that you can do it!