Intolerably Cute

For my birthday Monday, the love of my life gave me four or five splendid gifts, most of which he uncovered on my Amazon wish list. I liked them all.

But I loved this book, which I hadn't even remembered was on my wish list! I didn't know much about Tula Pink; I did remember she did a line of fabric that had some straight-on frogs that were a bit creepy, IMNSHO. Somebody was raving about the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book, and without seeing the inside of it, I guess I added it to my list.

What a delight this book is! And I swear Tula Pink isn't paying me to say this. Heck, she doesn't even know I exist and prolly would be offended that I found her frogs creepy. But back to the book: There are 100 very simple blocks. They all measure 6" finished. They are original and modern. They are easy to make. I got the book on Monday night, as I said. I started perusing it before turning the light out and dreamed of widdle biddy blocks all night. On Tuesday, I could hardly wait to get home from work and begin! I made these nine blocks in one afternoon. I don't know how they are going to be put together, although there are several really nifty lay-outs in the back of the book. I'm just having a ball making them.

You know, I'm on this kick of not buying new fabric. But I had a grab bag that I bought from a vendor at the Oaks Quilt Show back in the autumn. He was a purveyor of batiks of all kinds and they were gorgeous. Then there were the hermetically sealed grab bags that we couldn't get open without scissors! We couldn't figure out why he was selling them so cheaply. I'm using these strips (and some scraps from stash) to make the blocks because so far there is no block component wider than 2-1/2" in one dimension. I did figure out why the good deal on the strips -- some are not precisely 2-1/2 inches. But that doesn't matter to me.

Oh, and the blocks in the book are made from Tula's fabric. That frog looks a lot less sinister than he used to -- I wonder what he's done!


Amy said…
Happy belated! May the celebration of you continue all month. I have been eyeing Tulane book. Seeing your gorgeous blocks inspired me put it on my list.
Barbara Anne said…
Ah, so many wonderful quilting books, so little bookcase space! Love the happy, jazzy blocks you've made at the speed of light!!

A slightly tardy Happy Birthday to you, my friend!!

The heating repairmen come today for the 4th visit so please pray they fix the heat and that the bill is affordable!

Quiltdivajulie said…
I know precisely which frogs you write of . . . and they were fine for the BACK of a quilt, but they were just "TOO something" for the front. IMHO
very nice....amazing what batiks can do for a simple pattern....
Janet O. said…
Well, Happy Birthday, my dear!
Glad you were treated well!
I don't think my DH would know how to find my Amazon wish list. : )
Those blocks are great in your "not quite 2 1/2" strips"!
LizA. said…
What fun. I'd say it was a very good birthday indeed.
Karla said…
I looked up Tula Pink's frog fabric. I now know why you found it creepy. The frogs look like SPIDERS! Gads, imagine THAT on your bed.
I am so glad the LoYL (hey the acronym looks like loyal) found your amazon list because the blocks are as you say intolerably cute. Continue on having a great Birthday Month!
OT Quilter said…
A belated Happy Birthday to you! Your blocks are lovely, just the thing to brighten up the gray, snowy days this week.