93 Yesterday

Here's an update on Ninety Degrees in the Shade.

You can see that the three blocks to the right have their final borders on them and there are just three that lack their first borders.

I'm ready to be finished with the Civil War, fabric-wise, but I'm liking this quilt. To me, it has a contemporary feel, despite the geriatric nature of the fabrics.

It was 93 yesterday. Today it is a bit cooler, though still humid. Bobbi and I drove out to a LQS for a bit of retail therapy. I decided not to look at the price per yard, being as accustomed as I am to the prices in Lancaster County. It's important to support the LQS and, apart from 3/4 yard of purple CW to bind Ninety Degrees, my purchases were to make a couple of little tops and dresses for granddaughters.

I really don't want to put a border on 90 Degrees, but I guess I won't know until the blocks are assembled whether I'm right about that. Or not.

The Uvulati have decided that one of our summer projects will be lap quilts for wheelchair-bound patients at the VA Hospital, so those CWs will get used up that way, and I shouldn't worry if it turns out I need to make a purchase to finish 90 Degrees.


Janet O. said…
I do believe 93 degrees is as good a reason as any for some retail fabric therapy.
If "any port in a storm" works, then so does "any air conditioned quilt shop in 93 degree weather". Well, maybe it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as fluidly. : )
Barbara Anne said…
LOL! I love the term "geriatric fabrics" for the CW prints. What a hoot! The blocks are wonderful and methinks that the recipient of this interesting quilt won't mind the touch of history.

I've been sticking fairly well to my determination to use the fabrics I have before I purchase more. There is so much fabric in my wee sewing room that I don't have room for more anyway.

After a high of 96*F yesterday with evening storms, a lovely 85*F high is forecast for today. Of course, the humidity is still stifling, but this is June in the South so it's expected. Iced tea and air conditioning to the rescue.

Laura said…
I love the idea of not looking at the price of the fabric, when your goal is to support your LQS! Have a great weekend!
antique quilter said…
oh I like the blocks, they look great.
Ok so what shop did you go to? I need a trip to Lancaster soon but always looking for quilt shops a bit closer for a day trip
AnnieO said…
The blocks look really good. Scrappy can truly look new or geriatric , agreed! My LQS is slowly fading, sadly. Far too many open spaces where bolts used to be :(