Family Stuff

A couple of months ago, one of my cousins asked if I would like a piece of Liberty of London fabric that she just happened to have around. Well, you know, I didn't have to think twice!

It's not a very good picture of a very, very cute dress that I made this weekend for Aberdeen, my 2-year-old granddaughter. I'll be sending it to her in the mail tomorrow. I have two other pieces of fabric designated to become summer dresses for her, and I think it wise to check the size before proceeding.

A group of many of the women in my family gathered today. Another cousin, sister of the fabric donor, is moving South, and I hosted a brunch in her honor. Eight of us had a lovely time, laughing, eating, carrying on. We had such a good time; we really should do this kind of thing more often for no good reason!

The cousin who is moving has a little granddaughter of her own, just a couple of months older than Aberdeen. And there's still a yard or so of that Liberty fabric left. I feel another little dress coming on as soon as the size is confirmed. I like the idea of these two little cousins, who prolly will never meet, having the same dress that one family member provided the fabric for and another family member made.

I looked at one of those cousin relationship charts to see if I could figure out what Aberdeen and Sophie are to each other. It was very complicated but it appears that they are third cousins, four times removed!


LizA. said…
awww, how incredibly sweet. many, many moons ago my sister, my cousin and myself all had matching Easter dresses courtesy of our grandmother.
Barbara Anne said…
What a charming little dress for Miss Aberdeen! Isn't Liberty of London fabric just the most delicious? Love your idea of another little dress for Miss Sophie.

Yes, it's wonderful for the women in families to get together. In AMIL's family, the ladies met for breakfast every Saturday morning and it was the best! As time went by, some (like us) moved away and some died but the few that remain still meet monthly.

howdidIgethere said…
Love the dress -- that much is quite predictable. However, that relationship (3rd cousins, 4 time removed) sounds too remote to me. Is your cousin the daughter of a sibling of one of your parents? In that case, the two toddlers are simply 3rd cousins, without "removal."

So very sweet. My sister and I had matching outfits once or twice during our childhood and somewhere there's memory of matching polo shirts with my first husband a hundred years ago--I'll let that memory die a sweet death.
Was this a purchased pattern or did it spring from your brain? It is so very very cute. Seriously.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I like the phrase - we should do this more often for no particular reason .... Cute dress, too
Gretchen said…
Now this is a bespoke little dress. Love it.
PS: I want one too. But maybe with sleeves.
antique quilter said…
how fun…I loved making dresses for my girls when they were little…
love this fabric and the dress is adorable!
Laura said…
How very sweet that they'll have matching dresses!