Getting By with a Little Help from my Friends

At the end of the month, my daughter will be going to Melbourne on business. She'll be staying for two weeks.

She tells me that when the people from Melbourne come to the States, they bring their coworkers little gifts from their country. She wants to do the same.

Someone told her that Opi nail polish, of all things, is a prized giftie as are USA candies such as Skittles.

I can't go to Australia with her, though I sure wish I could. But I thought I could check with my Down Under blog friends to find out if there are specific gifties from the USA that they would like to receive.

How 'bout it, TraceyLorraine, and Peg, and Tazzie, and Donna and Little Mysteries, and anyone else I haven't tagged, any ideas?


Barbara Anne said…
Oh, what a wonderful trip! Wish you could accompany your daughter, especially as you have friends there.

My quiltie "sister" (we've adopted each other) lives in suburban Melbourne and I'd love to visit her. We've been emailing back and forth since 1997 and really met up for the 1999 Paducah Quilt Show. What fun!

I recommend your daughter bring back TimTams which are delicious cookies. I had some in 1999 and (sigh!) have wished for more ever since.

Wishing your daughter a glorious and safe trip!

keryn said…
We can buy Skittles here, but we don't get a great variety of M & Ms, just the peanut and ordinary ones. The almond and dark chocolate ones could be a hit. She will have to declare them at customs, but they will allow them in.
Nann said…
I was in Melbourne just a month ago! Not sure what your daughter can take, but be sure she brings home Cherry Ripe candy bars and Tim Tams cookie/candy for you.
Lorraine said…
I hope your daughter has a fabulous trip and enjoys her time in Aus! Not sure what she could bring as gifts - I guess it depends on who she is bringing them for....I know if it was a quilter it would be fabric :). I agree with the Tim tams and Cherry Ripe comments and my favourite Violet Crumble to take back to travels to your girl :)