We've spent a few days visiting Tom and Anastasia down in Richmond. Tom needed help painting the outside of the house, and I needed to indulge some grandchildren. Barnes and Noble was our destination the first day where we bought Legos and "Frozen" books. Another day we stopped at Quilting Adventures before going to Build A Bear and finishing the day with an after dinner treat at Sweet Frogs. Oh, it's been wonderful. But then, I haven't been up on a ladder in the Richmond sun.

At Christmas time, T&A gave us a gift certificate for an elegant B&B located in the Fan District, and we added a couple of nights.

Grace Manor Inn was built in 1910 and the interior architecture and furnishings are opulent. No effort has been spared to keep the place beautiful and welcoming. Each of the four rooms has a private sitting room; downstairs there are multiple elegant and comfy parlors.

Breakfast is exquisitely prepared and served with Frank Sinatra crooning in the background. Complimentary bellini or mimosa (or orange juice) is offered first, then a special fruit course followed by an individually prepared hot dish -- one memorable offering was the Grace Manor version of Eggs Benedict which included seared asparagus, tomato slice and prosciutto -- oh my! The final course is a cupcake, the flavor of which changes daily as the proprietor's wife owns and operates a cupcake business in nearby Carytown.

The innkeeper/chef, Albert, is personable and knowledgable with a penchant for saying "Enjoy!" when sometimes we are at a loss to determine precisely what the reference is. And the sheets on our bed are past their prime -- a bit "pilly."

But would we stay here again? You bet we would. Himself has finished off his days as housepainter for Tom by taking a dip in the lovely pool. We like to have some time to wander around the neighborhood and perhaps even get to know the three friendly Yorkies who live in the kitchen area. I'd like to ENJOY more of Albert's cuisine and experience more cupcake flavors. It's a beautiful and hospitable place and I'd recommend it very highly.

And now, if you'll excuse me, we've grandchildren to go and play with.


Barbara Anne said…
How delightful: family, grandchildren, cupcakes, and a lovely B&B with cupcakes!! What a beautiful room! Not to mention the shopping at QA! Sorry the weather has been so hot and muggy.

It's just as well I didn't know you were here this weekend as DH and I seem to have picked up an ugly and annoying GI bug somewhere. I wouldn't want to share the unpleasant germs so would have had to cancel our meeting.

Wishing you a safe trip home and lots of fun before you leave.

Laura said…
I love staying at Bed and Breakfast! It's something I want to make a point to do more often when I travel. I'm also extremely jealous of your trip to both Build a Bear and Sweet Frog!