Sewing, Near Philadelphia

Isn't this just the best picture!

I lifted it from a blogger who said she'd lifted it from a blogger and I didn't go back to find out of she had lifted it from a blogger. I just wanted to share it.

After I finished the second little dress for my granddaughter, I used most of the remaining Liberty to make a dress for the great-niece of the cousin who'd given me the fabric. She's promised to get a picture of the little girl wearing it and I look forward to posting pictures of both little ones wearing matching dresses.

I'm sewing a lot, but just don't have much to share at present. Some of the time I'm making little Tula Pink 6" blocks out of Kaffe Collective fabrics without a clue as to what will become of them. Some of the time I'm working on a kind of bright Civil War project; it is a dozen blocks modeled after one I saw someplace and figured out how to make. The blocks will finish at 16", huge for me. They contain a lot of yellow, gold, orange, brown and green and I look forward to sharing them before too much longer.

I delivered to the machinist yesterday a baby quilt that someone asked me to make as well as a flimsy I made several years ago without a recipient in mind. Now there's a recipient: The autistic school housed at the church where I work has grown to the point where they have to move to larger quarters and they are holding all kinds of fund raisers to finance the move. I offered them a quilt to raffle, and they accepted. So, again, photos in a couple of weeks.

Our little hand sewing group, the Uvulati, generally does some sort of charity project during the summer (many of our members are teachers). We've decided, I think, to make lap quilts for wheelchair patients of the local VA hospital, and we're looking into whether the hospital would like some very tiny quilts for babies who are stillborn or live for only a very short time. I've collected some ideas for the VA quilts and want to get started on them. I would love to do three -- one a month for the summer, and June is flying by.

And then I need to line up a bit of handwork to keep me occupied when we do a few very sort getaways this summer.

So, yes, I'm sewing. But have really nothing to share at the moment. Stay tuned!


Barbara Anne said…
LOVE the fabric stash organization and am glad you lifted it from a blogger, who lifted it from another blogger, etc. Oh, and I lifted it from you!

Your plans to donate a quilt for the school's fund-raising and to make quilts for the VA is wonderful. Quilters are just the most generous people!

I face the daunting prospect of reorganizing my crowded wee sewing room because I cannot find a box of blocks ... so must excavate. Sigh! Oh, for a larger room to use for sewing and a genie to magically move my stuff there who will also organize it perfectly. Might as well wish BIG!'

I'm looking forward to the pictures in due time!

Laura said…
Love the photo. Especially the tag " Too pretty to use-Keep Forever." Thanks for sharing it!