Jazzy Cats

If one little 3T pinafore dress is good, then two should be even better.

I had bought this amazing jazzy cats fabric because it was on sale and I had to have it, though I'd no idea what for. Actually, I don't do that kind of thing all that often.

Go ahead and click for the full effect.

Finished a couple of blocks for a swap yesterday, too. Off to the Mailboxes place tomorrow. But now I'm going to go down and start the other Liberty dress for Aberdeen's third cousin, once removed (with gratitude to Marsha for figuring that out!).


Pat said…
Back in the day, wouldn't these be Hep Cats??
Janet O. said…
Seems to me you are having way too much fun! : )
Quiltdivajulie said…
Oh, that fabric is PERFECT for this little dress - FUN!!!
Barbara Anne said…
Now aren't those cool cats just the cutest? What fun that they're on purple fabric, too!

Were clothes this sweet and comfy when we were little?

Oh, and thanks to the "prove you're not a robot" folks for making the number sequence wonderfully shorter!

Anonymous said…
Darling little pinafores you've made.
suz said…
how adorable is that dress - cool cats