Being Seventy: Six

Another bit from Being Seventy (we're not far from being done):

Page 55: I no longer have to prove anything. I can enjoy the thing-in-itself, whatever it is, without regard to the prestige value or the effect that it may  have on my career.

I love the truth of this particular bit. 

I am pleased that I knew when it was time to retire from hospital chaplaincy. As much as I loved that job, and as much as I miss it still, leaving it to spend more of my weekends with my husband was absolutely the right thing to do.

As for my day job (which I'm not about to quit!), my three mornings each week among the autistic children and their incredible teachers enriches my life beyond belief. I xerox, I laminate, I velcro, I sort; I laugh every single day. I'm not getting rich from this job, not in the monetary sense. But in every other way . . . .

I have a good friend of similar age who is very much into her career. It is the most important thing in her life. This seems to be working for her. But for me, I am thankful to be finished with climbing a success ladder and with career achievements.


Quiltdivajulie said…
My copy of the book has arrived - and I highlighted this same passage as I read through for the first time. SO true. I love the freedom of choice now (subject to family needs, of course).
Barbara Anne said…
The p. 55 comment is wonderful and so gloriously true! Freedom of choice is bliss.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Interesting-- and timely. I have a friend "of a certain age" who only recently retired (at her husband's request) and feels as though she no longer exists because her career no longer defines her; I find this to be the saddest of all perspectives. Naturally, her husband is receiving most of the blame for this turn of events, I feel bad for him (and them). :(
This is an excellent paragraph to focus on. I left that 8 to whenever "career" and never looked back. When I gave notice I gave them plenty of time to find my replacement when I said I would leave at the end of the year. Somehow they took that to mean the end of the FISCAL year. I never said a word and planned my escape 3 months early. I enjoy every day of retirement.
xx, Carol
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