She Works with her Hands in Delight*

I can not sit and watch television without something for my hands to do. If I have a quilt to bind, that is the best. Without that, sometimes my hands move popcorn from the bowl into my mouth.

So I have sought other things to occupy those hands. Counted cross-stitch was excellent many years ago. No longer. Sometimes I buy stamped baby bibs on Ebay and embroider them to give to the Baby Bureau, an organization my Circle supports. In November I had an even dozen to contribute. There are eight ready for the March ingathering. But I've tired a bit of baby bibs. And buying them on Ebay is a kind of a crap shoot -- sometimes the stamped xes are tiny. Or faint. Or both.

I know that in a few weeks I'll have the appliqué blocks for The Aunts' Quilt to work on. But I'm itchy for something else, and those hexies just don't do it for me (though I'm filled with admiration for the ones Marsha and Bobbi and some of the others have made).

So I took the plunge, bought the pattern and the templates, and today cut out the ingredients for my first Steam Punk. Wish me luck!

*Proverbs 31:13


I'm interested to see progress on the Steampunk piece!
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
Love the baby bibs and wish you well on Steampunk!

Janet O. said…
That is an interesting name for that quilt design (which looks ambitious, BTW). The pattern makes me think of the Bomb Shelter signs that used to be on the sides of some buildings in town when I was growing up. :)
Shasta Matova said…
I've seen a lot of beautiful steampunk quilts. I didn't realize they came with templates. I wish you well on yours, and look forward to seeing your progress.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
As the recipient of some of your lovely bibs for our grands, back in a time all too quickly past, I would like to thank you again for your busy hands! Good luck with SP; love the fried eggs combined with the morning paper!
Jeanne said…
Have fun with Steampunk! I made two of them for my two grandsons :)
Unknown said…
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