The Aunts: Applique Preparation

I have begun work on the alternate blocks for The Aunts' Quilt. I don't do needle turn appliqué. I do buttonhole-stitch appliqué. So there is a lot of tracing and cutting, like "real appliqué," and then bonding before stitching. As you can see, four of the six large blocks are ready. There are also ten HST and four QST blocks to be appliquéd for the border. I should have sufficient handwork to occupy me for months to come!

I've used a tiny green-on-white polka dot for the background for the large blocks and have a very pale pink for the outside blocks. I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it.

I've been thinking about thread. In the past, often I will match the thread for the buttonhole stitching to each piece being appliquéd. In some cases, when I've been doing something that has a folk art kind of look, I've used black for everything. Both options have worked out well. For this project, I'm thinking about using a slightly darker green thread for everything vs. matching the colors. Do you want to help me decide?


Karla said…
Love it. At first I thought matching thread. But then I went back and really studied and tried using my. Imagination. I think the slightly darker green will give it dimension. Go for it. Trust your instincts.
I think a darker green would add a lot to it, a little reminiscent of the vintage method of using all black but without the stark black contrast.
Barbara Anne said…
It's looking great! I agree a slightly darker soft shade of green would look best for your button-hole stitches.

Years ago while living in TX (too, too hot for too, too much of the year!), I was given a 1930s quilt top akin to the Sunbonnet Sue pattern but with faces showing. The maker had done a running stitch in black around all the parts of each block, including the faces. When I showed the top at quilt guild it was decided the quilt should be called The Grumpy Girls quilt as each girl looked unhappy and that she had badly applied mascara. A unique quilt top, indeed.

Quiltdivajulie said…
Love the idea of a consistent darker green -- refreshing yet traditional in approach.
Janet O. said…
I am impressed with your progress. These alternate blocks give the quilt a whole different dimension. I think the darker green stitching will be effective. Can't wait to see the results!
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