Steam Punk: One

Last week when we were at The Diner Formerly Known As Zinns, I mentioned that I had begun work on my Steam Punk pattern. Helen and Judy inquired about the name. I was stuck for an answer. Ruth said it was a kind of fashion statement and then got into her phone and showed photos of steam punk attire. While it was charming in a not-for-the-older-shopper kind of a way, it didn't relate at all to my pattern.

So we're all still mystified by the name.

In any event, the first block is finished and I like it. Quite a bit. I hand pieced the grey milkweed to the eggs and then the newsprint on top of those, and then pressed before putting the newsprint between the eggs. I hand pieced newsprint-eggs-newsprint-eggs and then pieced eggs-newsprint-eggs-newsprint and pressed again. I machined the two block halves together and then hand appliquéd the cat. 

Don't look too closely at the stitching on the cat. 

Everything but the newsprint is from a collection of Ruby Star FQs that I acquired recently.

As I said, I like the block at least as much as I'd anticipated I would. I believe I'll go cut the elements for a second!


Nann said…
That's an intriguing pattern. (I read the previous post and saw the templates, which will make cutting much easier and more accurate.) Wikipedia's definition of Steampunk is "a mixture of the Victorian era's romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s." The quilt pieces look to me like the blades of a propeller.....What I really like about your fabric choice (for Block 1, anyway) is the whimsical mixture--eggs and dandelions and fussy-cut giraffe on top of a text print. Fun!
Karla said…
I think i can solve your mystery. Steam Punk jewelry is usually includes watch cogs and gears. love your fabrics and the quilt does have a Steam Punk look. 😘
Janet O. said…
I wouldn't know a Steam Punk look if it walked right up to me, but I like your block. What a fun, unexpected fabric combo.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Eclectic assortment is what I think of with the term steam punk - the definition Nann shared is also a good one. I think you can move forward and just enjoy the process while allowing your project to find its own name.
Barb said…
A friend sent me here as I too have started the steampunk quilt. I'm machine piecing mine.
I've learned that this was originally a Kansas City Star Pattern called Airship Propellers.
What a nice blog, I'll add it to my reading list.
I also see most of my online friends area already here in the comment section.
Kay Taylor said…
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