Covid-19 Baking (2)

Well, despite our somewhat discouraging initial experience with sourdough, we remain undaunted. I did these things:

  • Consulted a variety of sources on the care and feeding of sourdough
  • Spent too much a little time at Pinterest perusing what others have done
  • Skimmed off a layer of whey-like stuff from 1847
  • Let him rest in the fridge for several days
  • Took him out on Friday and fed him, keeping him in a very old bowl that I thought he would find comforting, and praising him vociferously when he bubbled up 
  • Fed him again on Saturday
Today was the day for another attempt. Our breakfast this morning was sourdough pancakes, bacon, juice and fresh fruit. We put blueberries in half of the pancakes; I believe that Himself liked the blueberry version better while my preference was the plain. Both, however, were superb.

The recipe said it would make 12; we got 16 (and it must be stressed that we still have half for another morning).

Please Note: The picture above is not mine. We consumed them way too fast for a photo session! They were so good. If you click the link to Lizzy's recipe, you'll find it there. She has some other tempting recipes, too.

In the we've-been-married-forever category, yesterday when I was feeding 1847, Himself called from the next room (where he has spent numerous hours on an impossible very challenging jigsaw puzzle) to inquire what I was doing. When I replied, "I'm feeding 1847," he then asked, "Who is Edwin?" We'll have to see which name endures.