Covid-19 Sewing (9): Embracing The Quarantine!

I began hand-piecing the blocks for the Steam Punk quilt at the beginning of  the period of self-isolation here in Pennsylvania. I worked on them in the evenings, while watching movies or series with the husband. When I began, I didn't know -- or care -- how long it would take to make the 41 blocks I needed. I surely didn't expect that we'd be self-isolated this long (and now I expect that we are only about half-way through). 

Now Steam Punk's a flimsy. I'm really, really pleased with how she turned out. 

Setting blocks on point with lattice and cornerstones is a real challenge for me. A couple of areas were sewn, frog-stitched, resewn . . . you get the idea. And now it is ready for the machinist!

If you click on the picture once or twice it will get larger and you can see the fun fabrics that I used.


Anonymous said…
You did a wonderful job on this quilt - it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Luckybear said…

I just love this quilt. You did a wonderful job with it.
Anonymous said…
Such fun fabrics! You did a great job, and I appreciate you sharing your work.
That really is a wonderful bunch of fabrics. I can see why you enjoyed working on it so much. Every block would make you smile.
Quiltdivajulie said…
What fun - good for you for enjoying the process (well, most of it anyway). Looking forward to seeing it after the machinist works her magic.
Barbara Anne said…
Applause, applause! What a wonderful quilt you've made!!!

Janet O. said…
It is pretty incredible what we can accomplish during isolation. This is really something. Your fabrics had me smiling and your handwork leaves me in awe. I never have mastered hand piecing. Great job, Nancy!