Covid-19 Sewing (11)

Lest anyone be under the misconception that Edwin (1847) has replaced Bernina in my affections, I hasten to set you straight.

I continue to work on:

--The Cousins; there are close to 30 of them at present.

--The hand-buttonholing of the appliqué blocks for The Aunts' Quilt; currently working on the 6th and final big block (and there are ten small blocks and four smaller to go).

--My challenge piece for the Guild meeting in June.

--A pay-it-forward I joined back in January where I promised a hand-made something to three diverse individuals.

And if that isn't enough irons in the fire (not the best metaphor),  I had the opportunity to attend a webinar that the Modern Quilt Guild was holding.

Sarah Bond, a member of our local chapter and whose classes are wonderful, was generously sharing her latest idea. I'd show you her version(s) of the scrappy diamonds but I think her project is still in development. However, above we have my blocks thus far. Sarah's are laid out in rows of diamonds; I wasn't at all sure about something as big as those diamonds, but during the webinar she mentioned that one could set them as triangles if one preferred.

One is undecided. Himself is liking the diamonds. A lot. I kind of think I prefer the triangles. Haven't decided on background yet. Much to consider. As always, your input is most welcome!


Barbara Anne said…
Looking good! Have you decided whether to make these triangles into diamonds or to leave them as they are? Enjoy the process. :)

Quiltdivajulie said…
I like the triangles but love the diamonds. Have been planning to make a string diamonds quilt using the triangle method -- hope you find your comfort level (perhaps you need something besides the black background to help you decide?
Frédérique said…
Not easy to choose from the 2 layouts! I like triangles more than diamonds, but whatever your choice will be, it's going to be a beautiful project.