Covid-19 Baking (4)

"How are things with Edwin?" you ask. How thoughtful of you.

Edwin (1847) is just fine. After a few days rest in the fridge, he emerged yesterday, was fed a generous meal, and today morphed himself into Blueberry Muffins with an opulent crumb topping.

This picture is why I'm not a food photographer.

They prolly will look much better once they are out of the pan.

They certainly smell terrific.

My neighbor is a caterer with a stand at a nearby indoor farmer's market. When the pandemic began, she was -- rightfully -- worried about how it would impact her business. I told her that each week she should bring me thirty dollars worth of what didn't sell that week. It's been a mutually beneficial arrangement. Actually, she doesn't have a lot to worry about -- people are apparently still eager to shop at the market. The thing is, though, that her idea of thirty dollars worth is vastly different from mine. So much so that last week I had to tell her to skip a week -- I still hadn't finished up the previous bounty.

She's a serious food kind of gal, not a baker. But she appreciates baked. So I've been sharing a portion or two of my experiments with her. As I said, mutually beneficial.

I hope she likes blueberry sourdough muffins.


Janet O. said…
Sounds really delicious, Nancy.
Barbara Anne said…
Yum! I'm glad you and your baker friend have come to such a mutually beneficial arrangement and that others are still buying her baked goods.