It's a terrific word, serendipity is.  People love to use it; they like the way it sounds and the way it feels rolling off the tongue.  "The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident."  A stodgy sounding definition for such a spectacular word.

So, the response to the request for cow blocks has been gratifying, to say the least.  A dear old friend, a self-proclaimed geezer and perhaps the materfamilias of cowdom wrote back that the arthritis in her hands precluded her stitching a block for me, but she would be delighted to draw a cow on a fabric square for someone to embroider!  And it may even be a purple cow.

Many respondents have asked for nothing in return.  One has asked for some creamy strips for her current log cabin project and I'll be cutting them later today.  What has filled me with unanticipated delight, however, is making the "what can I make for you in return" blocks.  I'm just loving it.  The first three are pictured above and will go out in Monday's mail.  I'll be starting the next couple this afternoon.

Who says "Life is Good"?  Heck, I tell you, Life is Moovelous!


QuiltingFitzy said…
Just think of it this way, you're not aiding and abetting any new projects on this end...and that's WAY GENEROUS of you, lol!!!!

It's all fun, nevertheless. 8^)
Anonymous said…
Nancy: I would like a block of your "ladies" or anything green to put in my bed quilt. Love, your CA cuz P.S. formulated idea for the COW block I will be sending you but need to get "down the hill" to get the material.