Tra La! It's May!

As soon as the weather will tolerate, we begin eating most of our meals outside on the deck.  We have a small screened porch with a little white table and chairs and usually eat there for a couple of weeks before it is nice enough to go out to the deck.  Not this year!  We started dinner on the deck a couple of nights ago; Joe moved the porch furniture out there temporarily until he can get the regular deck furniture ready.

This morning was the first Breakfast On The Deck for 2011.  We were joined by a chickadee, a catbird, two goldfinch, and a robin.

And an English Springer Spaniel.

Always optimistic, he lay in wait for one of us to drop something yummy.

Blackberry and Bonnie hit it off so well while she was here that he moped around yesterday, missing her.

Then Helen stopped by for a visit and he forgot Bonnie right away!  Out of petting range = out of mind!

My project from the Workshop is pin-basted into a quilt sandwich and I'm handquilting it in the evenings, taking my time.  I did the letters in a dark thread and am using a honey-color thread to do X's across the crumb blocks and around the centers of the wonky star blocks.  The blue showing around the edge is the back.  I have a nice honey-color batik in mind for binding.  It measures 24 x 9 inches.  Bobbi wants me to hang it in my office when it is finished.  I think she is right.


It gets too stinkin' HOT on our deck to eat. I can wish though. The quilt-let is great!
Nancy said…
We can't wait to have time on our deck this summer...On the weekends we sit out there in the morning and love it...
Amy said…
Such blessings in your blog today! Thank you for sharing your deck, ritual, dog and "The Love" quiltlet!
Sandy said…
Such a happy quilt.It makes you smile.
Tom Degan said…
The lusty month of May!

Lori said…
Lucky you! It would be nice if we would have more than one day that is fairly warm.
I love your freeform mini quilt!
Anonymous said…
We are finally getting some warmth on the "other" coast and looking to get out deck furniture. I have ordered a water feature and looking forward to putting a roof on the deck this year to sit out more. It really gets too hot mid-summer without some cover. Your CA cuz
Anonymous said…
And what I love about this little quilt is that it symbolizes "I can do this new thing that feels uncomfortable" because I know you were very skeptical at breakfast, a little more comfortable by lunch, and raring to finish by 4pm.


PS. Absolutely perfect for your office!
Tanya said…
Wonderful LOVE tapestry! And to be able to Bonnie Hunter teaching you! What I wouldn't give to be included in THAT group!

We've had breakfast outside a couple of times too. A tad too cold still for more than a few minutes. One month of good breakfast outdoors weekends and then it will be too hot and buggy!
Judi said…
I can't twll you how delighted I am to read that you are already able to eat outside :)- and breakfast looks delicious, not to mention VERY elegant.

Speaking of delicious, so is your little quilt. It's making me smile just to look at it!