Who Has Seen the Wind

I've been working on this batik North Winds block quilt for a couple of weeks, and have really enjoyed watching it come together (click to see it more clearly by enlargement).  Many of the batiks were bought when we went to Richmond in March and a few of them were from stash.  The piece for the setting squares was from stash.

Coincidentally, shortly before I began work on the quilt I came across some kind of a list of books to challenge a book discussion group.  I wrote down the titles of some of them and got one that I'd never heard of from the library.  W. O. Mitchell wrote Who Has Seen the Wind a long time ago.  It is in the "boy coming of age" genre, but different in many ways.  I liked the book very much

The wind is blowing in many directions on this quilt.  I don't see the wind, but I see the effects of the wind, and that is more or less what the book was about.  So this quilt will be called Who Has Seen the Wind and will go off to the machine quilter later this month.  It is intended as a Christmas gift.

I hope you like my North Wind blocks quilt.  And if you read and liked Penrod or A Separate Peace or others of that ilk, you just might like the book, too.


Anonymous said…
Check out Shadow of the Wind if you have not read it yet. A Spanish author and a fascinating story.
Kathy B
Anonymous said…
Author is Carlos Ruiz Zafron :-)
A beauteous work if ever I saw one. I Love the colors, the pattern - all of it. Just loverly. YO\odesesinu should send it to William and Kate.