Rapture Ready? Not Yet . . .

Helen, Honna, Judy and I are heading out to the big sale at Burkholders for fabric this morning.

Just in case we CAN take it with us.

Except on Facebook this morning Tazzie reported a total lack of Rapture in Oz.

We're getting the goods anyway.  Whatever happens, we'll be prepared.


Actually, they are talking about it here today...only just getting onto it. I was able to fill DH in as I had heard about it from the bloggers...just think, one day they will be right!!
No rapturing happening out here in Ca. It's a good thing I'm going to be left behind since I am hand quilting my Second Hand Clothes and there is no way I could get it done by 6pm today!! Enjoy the shopping trip.
Kim West said…
love the photo - I had to share it on FB... I know I won't be taken, and it is a good thing... I have too many UFOs to complete.
Linda said…
Our son also had the clothes left out idea on his FB page and his cousin replied to say that some people are going to fill inflatable "dolls" with helium and release them at the proper time... I am so proud of my family!
Anonymous said…
Am I the only one who didn't actually make it to Burkholders? Well I saved the gas and ordered online but that's not as much fun!

Susan said…
I was on retreat with my sampler guild in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend and we had a little countdown as we waited for the rapture at 9:00 last night. We made lots of jokes about having to finish our projects before the rapture. Of course, we were all left behind.