Bovine News

I'm so excited by the overwhelming response to my request for cow blocks!  So many people are willing to make one.

And what people would like to have in return varies.  Some want nothing, some want only that I continue to blog.  Others have modest requests:  a specific kind of a block, a certain kind of scraps.  And fulfilling these requests has been fun.  No mooing here today, friends.

In order that I can keep track of what is happening in the cow division, today I figured out how to add a page to my blog. (If anyone knows how to make that cute little tab thing at the top for the pages, I'd like to hear from you.) There I will post pictures of the cows as they come home, and also the pictures of what I have sent out in return.  Sometime this summer I'll make the COW letters and assemble a top out of all of the cows.

It's been a lovely weekend here Near Philadelphia.  Weatherwise and otherwise.  Last evening we went out for a bite with Maggie and Frank and then to see "Water for Elephants."  Not as great as the book, but still very good.  The circus-y scenes were wonderful.  I just wish I liked Reese Witherspoon.  Today included a mushy card from Tom, a glorious lunch prepared by Sherry, time to sew, and will finish off with burgers cooked on the grill by Himself and last, Masterpiece Theatre.  The kind of day I'd like to preserve so I could lop off a tiny piece on those Other Days.


I believe your blog template determines if you can use tabs or not. It's time we updated your template so you have a bit more flexibility.
Anonymous said…
I need to find a cow block pattern, and will do so later this week. It is a crazy time at work now, well, you know how the end of the school year is. ACK!
Tanya said…
Put me down as a might participate. I've still got to get my thinking cap on... How about paper piecing? I remember seeing a great cow block on some website... I'm going to go looking!