From Cowlifornia and Other Nations

The cows continue to come home.  Since last I posted, six more have arrived.  Nancy S sent this lovely cow hanging out in the barn; she's a bit on the shy side, I believe.

Kind Nancy sent a bonus as well:  Click to make the photo larger and you'll see a widdle biddy cowy bag and a jar of cow sprinkles to top a cake!  Who ever knew there were such things!!!

Honna not-too-surreptitiously picked up some cow fabric last Saturday when we were at Burkholder's and day before yesterday this moovelous block showed up.

There is absolutely nothing serious about Honna's cow, and I love her.  The cow.  And Honna, too.

Brenda's cow came down from Canada, apparently in search of a warmer climate.  This cow has a lot to say.  Having just learned a couple of weeks ago to make letters, I'm particularly dazzled by Brenda's effort. Brenda has asked me to make her a letter "B" and this is on my schedule for the coming week.

From Julie in Cowlifornia came a puffy package containing not one but two cows and would you kindly click to make it bigger so you can look at the one on the right up close and personal.  Because she has a bell.  Which is nothing extraordinary.  She also has eyelashes.  I kid you  not. Generous Julie had a nice piece of cow fabric that she thought she should enclose and I'm so glad that she did!

Another purple cow!  And this one from all the way across the pond.  Dear Anne B in England made her and she is so sweet.

I still have the cow that Guenveur drew to be embroidered and that, too, is on my schedule for this week.  Or next.  'Cause it's a pretty full week already.

Thank you, my friends.  All of you.  I'm loving it.


Janet O. said…
Such fun, creative cows. Keep 'em comin'!
Brenda said…
I'm glad it got there safely and quickly. MOoOoOooooo!
Helen said…
Such darling cows!!! The ladies do such good work.

I finished my cow for you this morning. I get 'er packed up and handed off to my local cow hand and he'll wrangle her off to you on Monday morning!!