Cows Come Home: Part Two

The cows are making their way home, one or two at a time.  This little group came from Blogless Bobbi.  She started with the cow on the right, the one in the center of the star, and then wondered if perhaps it might be a bull rather than a cow.  So she made another small herd of unquestionably cows.  I thought that one in the star might just be a cross-dressing cow.
Another small herd, from far-away California made by Diana No Blog.  Diana is a relative new quilter, and while it isn't obvious from the photo, her cows are all stuffed from the back for a three-dimensional look.  Way to go, Diana!
Marilyn's dancing cow is also from California.  There's a lot of detail in this great big happy bovine.
Now, here's Pat's cow, free-spirited, dancing and original, letting it all hang out -- much like dear Pat herself!

Thank you, one and all.  More pictures in the next post!


howdidIgethere said…
Great cows! And ITA agree with your comment about Pat's cow -- and Pat herself!
Annemiek said…
Pat's cow is amazing and fun!
Mine is ready, but I was só occupied with lots of stuff that I hadn't had time to actually MAIL her to you :(
Tomorrow is my day off, so first job is a trip to the postoffice! Promise!!
Pat said…
I love Bobbi's "no bull" blocks, Diana's trapunto herd, and Marilyn's batik cow. What's that song by the Weather Girls? "It's raining C.O.w.s, Hallelujah".

aptlest: a book containing maps for the directionaly impared.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
WOW! They're all great!! How many are you expecting? I hope your barn/corral/pasture is large enough to contain the ever-expanding herd. Mo-o-o-o-v-e over. ;)
Janet O. said…
Isn't the variety fun? Nothing the same from the same theme. Do you have more than enough or could you use another? I could do one if you could use it.
My cow was mailed off yesterday. Hope you like her.