Lightbulb Moment

Last month I blogged about the tyranny of overcommitment, how overwhelmed I'd become with things I'd promised.  By way of an update, the workshop went really well and I'd prolly do that again if I had the chance.  And the church committee seems to be functioning just fine without my input.  That leaves the plethora of sewing commitments:  the PIF x 5 and the two one-on-one craft exchanges.  I've gone so far as to purchase what I need to make these things.  And then become engrossed in other projects, like the baby quilt for Sherry's colleague.

Early this morning I was fretting and mentally kicking myself for getting involved in those craft exchanges and PIFs  This amidst the hectivity of the last month of the school year and all of the anticipated and unanticipated things that brings.

And then I had it:  The Lightbulb Moment.  I realized that if this is the last month of school, then summer -- and summer hours -- are not all that far off!  For eight or nine weeks during June, July, and August, my work day is considerably shorter than during the rest of the year.  That affords me all kinds of extra hours to sew and to play.

And so what I'm going to do is just put my energy into getting to Commencement during the day and enjoying the baby quilt in the evening and go ahead and schedule one sewing obligation project per week during the summer until they are all finished.  Because, you know, I really want to do them and to enjoy doing them.


Sounds like a reasonable way to approach the problem and still have the fun you crave. I look forward to your finished projects as I await my machine’s reemergence from the remodel.