This, That and the Other Thing

First of all, for my Blog Birthday Celebration, the random number selected from the comments was #2 -- howdidigethere -- who just happens to be someone I know in real life and who lives not very far away.  She will receive a gift certificate to a fabric shop that I like a lot.  Granny's is my go-to place when I need something in a hurry.  They have a nice selection of fabric, full line of notions, and very, very pleasant personnel.

Second, my project from the Bonnie Hunter Workshop Day is nearly finished.  It is unlike anything I've done before and I'm trying to decide whether to hang it in the back hall at home or bring into the office.  I look at scraps in a whole new way now.

Third, and perhaps mooing about this will get it off my chest and out of my mind.  Sunday a week ago, when we were all glued to the TV to hear what the President was going to share, I was tuned to CNN and recoiled at their frequent use of a word I'd never heard before and which I don't believe actually should exist:  Actionable.  As in "actionable intelligence."  Actionable.  Give me a break, for crying out loud.

Fourth, a couple of British friends have sent me some Liberty scraps!  I had somealready that I bought from someone, and also have a small stack of Liberty FQs that I bought about ten years ago and I swear they were mismarked because I would never have spent what I've learned is the regular price.  All of this is mingling with a gorgeous piece of Millie Chirbuck's hand-dyed cotton in a spectacular mulberry shade.  I have a terrific idea of what to do with it all and am telling myself that I simply may not do that until I get the Pay It Forwards and other obligations taken care of.

4.5, has anyone else notice that some of the manufacturers are now distributing Fat Eighth packs?  With the ever-rising cost of yardage, I think this is a brilliant marketing move.  And I'll prolly succumb.

Fifth and Final, Sherry has a coworker who is unexpectedly expecting.  Sherry spoke with her colleagues about a group gift for her, and they've asked me to make a little baby boy quilt using this fabric.  I bought a jelly roll and some yardage and the top is nearly finished.  Photo to follow when it is all finished.  There's enough fabric left for another little quilt, and my friend Rosita is looking for donations to a silent auction in the autumn.  So I'll be making another one.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm a sucker for that Bunny Hill line... is that the "other thing"?
I hope you can prod me into using my Liberty fabrics. I also have some Italian cottons from one of my daughter's trips that are the same weight.
Deb said…
I've already fallen for the fat
1/8th bundles and have bought several of them. Can't believe how expensive material is getting, it's a good thing I already have a HUGE stash, so I probably wouldn't have to buy anything for the rest of my life!
Anonymous said…
Second: not that you asked BUT take it to work for three months. those that are going to comment on it will. Then take it home for the back hall.
Third: Actionalble is a legal term so I guess it is legit.
4.5 I am going to stick to charm squares for my little bit of EVERYTHING.
Sew we go.
Anonymous said…
I have seen some really sweet quilts made of that Lily and Will fabric line. Hmmmm, I wish Julia was going to find out boy or girl, but they want to be surprised.
Kathy B
Annemiek said…
Fabric here is THREE times as much the yard as in the US.....thank god for online shopping (and a creditcard).....ánd a quilterfriend who spends her holidays in Florida every year :)
howdidIgethere said…
How exciting to be a winner! Feel guilty about it, though since I really just wanted to congratulate you on five years of blogging! As a newbie (and irregular) blogger, I have some appreciation for your perseverance and dedication.
Anonymous said…
the shop looks like it is on Keswick Ave. Yes? Makes me homesick!!! Your CA cuz
Ms. Jan said…
Fat eighths are so nice when you want something scrappy, or a new line comes out that you can't resist. Kathy B. and I often buy a FQ pack and split it into FEs. Blissful!