Breakfast, the Day Following the Move

September, 2010,
Near Philadelphia

Two Moms, Two Boys

A.B. and Eli

Amy and Eli

Joe, Nate, Blackberry

Nate the Great
Sam and Caroline

Do you like my hat?


Pat said…
Looks like you had quite a party! Wow, the Grands are getting grander by the minute. They are so big!
floribunda said…
Sam & Caroline look so grown up compared to the two little ones... but they're all cute!
Quayquilter said…
What a houseful! It's nice to speculate on future bonds of friendship between the cousins so close in age.
And on another note my comment is a comment just that - you never need to reply!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing family pictures. I then share them with my family so we can be close even though we are 3,000 miles away. Will try to get pictures of ours sent your way soon. AB looks great!! Miss you all and know God will carry you forward from here. Our sermon this week was to have patience and let God take care of it in God's time - sometimes I just wish He would hurry up. Take care, God Bless. Your CA cuz
quiltmom anna said…
What great pictures of your grand babies and family- they are beautiful- I love the hats- the babies doesn't look very sure about it however.
Off to bed- my little ones at school will arrive early tomorrow.
AnnieO said…
Yum, chunky babies! I can practically hear the rain of kisses that befell these two little lovers.