Ho Hum

It isn't the prettiest day ever, here Near Philadelphia today.  It's the kind of day that used to make my brother-in-law say, "I wish it would either rain or not rain."  We used to tease him about that, but it's how I feel today.

Besides that, I've been dealing with a headache ever since church.  Too much Boomsburg Fair yesterday, I wonder?  Or perhaps I'm fighting off some sort of a bug.

I did get some things done, though:  A couple of loads of laundry, a batch of bills paid, a dessert made for tomorrow night's Circle meeting and my new piece of furniture loaded with some of my quilts!  I'm very pleased with how it looks. 

If the headache doesn't get any worse, perhaps this evening I'll resume stitching on the Festival of Trees in front of the television.  Last night we watched a Netflix, "The Squid and the Whale."  One of the ten worst and most depressing films ever, IMNSHO.

Time for a Tylenol.


Anonymous said…
I am betting the headache is part of the I wish it would rain or not rain.....weather front moving in, throught or out.

Quilts are colorful....
I agree with Mimi. The headache is probably because of the barometric pressure. Thanks so much for the Netflix review...I'll skip that one.
altar ego said…
Hope you're feeling better today. Just got caught up reading about your Blooming adventure--sounds divine! And those quilts!!!
If you want depressing - and I'm sure you don't - try "Happiness." You'll want to move to OuterSpace and mingle with aliens.
Judi said…
Ooohhhh....I want one of those quilt containers - I've never seen one before!

Hope you are now recovered from your headache and that it didn't turn into anything worse.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I am in love with that table, what a stunning piece of furniture! I have headache this morning too, I know where mine came from, I whacked myself in the back of the head with my own car door when I got out last night... I'm so clever and talented, most people can't do their own stunts. pass the tylenol.