A week or so ago, The Farmer's Wife was looking for a new home.  And she's found one, leaving the farmer to pursue other interests.  I mean, golly, the guy's got a harvest to get in and cows to milk and the fair to get ready for.  Anyway, she's gone off to live with another Nancy and just look at the wonderful CW F8s she traded me!  Oooh!  Oooh!  Delectable.  I've had a hankering to make a Dresden Plate -- never have, y'know. I even picked up the tool summer before last.  A CW Dresden Plate?  A CWDP?  On muslin?  Using these lovelies and others from my considerable stash?  I think as soon as the Sister's Choice quilt is together, and the borders on Caramel and Indigo Baskets and Bill's Baskets, I just might indulge in starting a new project.  I've been pretty good about dealing with these UFOs and it seems time for a wee reward.

And here's Blackberry.  Looking pensive.  Which he does awfully well.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the broken flowerpot?

It's just gorgeous, weatherwise, here Near Philadelphia.  And it's about time, I think.  After that brutal summer.  The farm stands have mums and punkins and cornshocks and other autumnal offerings.  And I'm loving it. 

Joe's pretty well settled in downstairs, and my corner of the lower level has been untouched.  (He's a very smart man.)  I kind of like having him down there drawing and computing while I'm sewing and pressing.  And Blackberry kind of meanders back and forth between us.  It's good.


Nancy said…
I am so glad you like them... It's hard to pick out fabrics when you don't like them yourself!! lol

I am sure the book will come while I am gone... we leave Monday for a full week..

I was so happy to be the new Farmers Mistress...

reason will be revealed tomorrow on my blog..
Gretchen said…
Blackberry is getting so big so fast! Looks like he is about to sigh. I love dog sighs. I'm happy the farmer's mistress has moved along to other pastures (street corners?). I wish fall would arrive anywhere near Atlanta. It is still summer broil time here in the 90s. Too hot for pumpkins.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love that pic of Blackberry, he's so utterly handsome! Glad to know the basement cohabitation is working out so well, Life IS Good!