Sister's Choice

Here's as far as I got last night during the Friday Night Sew-In.  When I began, I had all of the nine-patch centers done, eight or so of the blocks complete, and I had some of the lattice strips and all of the cornerstones cut.

I moved along at a nice comfortable pace until about nine o'clock or so and then Blackberry decided he couldn't take it any more.  He demanded some serious attention.  So I called it a night.

Diana, darling, this is what scrappy is.  And these are Civil War fabrics.  Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see them.  And I hope you visited Bonnie's site to find out about leaders and enders.  I love the way you've jumped so fearlessly into quilting.  Next thing we know, you'll be a blogger!

Today my sister and I went to the Mancuso show in Oaks.  I know we'll always call it the Fort Washington Quilt Show because for many years that's where it was held.  It was a good show!  I was pleased with the number of traditional quilts they had.  I loved the Liza and Kaffe exhibit.  The aisles were nice and wide.  The quilts were hung well.  The buffet lunch was decent.  There was ample seating.  I'm glad we went!

I bought no fabric!  I did buy a tape measure.  And a brown pigma pen.  And some other notion; I forget what it was.  I also bought a maple and glass table/quilt storage container, something I've needed for a long time.  Right now we have it in the morning room empty.  Tomorrow I'll try to get my finished quilts and my flimsies loaded into it.

But now I'm going to go downstairs and get the rest of those blocks done!


Anonymous said…
Great job. The shows out here are too far away to attend unfortunately but when in Arizona there are two I go to. Surprised that you did not buy fabric. I am ordering pens a friend suggested that you mark the fabric and when you put an iron to them they disappear. I have had trouble with some of the chalk not coming off as I would like. Glad you and Bonnie spent a day together. Love your CA cuz
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Sounds like a good day. I cannot wait to see your new furniture piece, your Sister's Choice is going to be simply wunnerful... :)
love this one.........think you made pretty good progress.......
*karendianne. said…
Mmmmm, yummy. What a quilt this is going to be. Love the Sister's Choice dontcha know. :) So happy you had such a delightful day, too.
AnnieO said…
Sister's Choice is one of my favorite blocks. Yours look terrific! Quilt shows are so much fun to go to--the variety always amazes. I have one to go to next weekend and am looking forward to it. Your new quilt chest sounds great. If I ever have a pile of quilts of my very own, I'd like a nice piece of furniture to keep them in. So far, most of my quilts have left home.
Judi said…
Glad you had a good time with Bonnie at the quilt show.

I can't wait to see your new piece of furniture, as right now I can't visualise it at all. Hopefully there will be a picture when you have filled it??

altar ego said…
What a delight! Friday was the one night this week when I wasn't out doing something else, so needed to spend some time with his nibs. Not to mention the my sewing area is awash in clutter with which I am having difficulty dealing. Sigh. Maybe next time! I MUST get back to sewing before the machine is under a layer of dust!