I'm In

How 'bout you? 

Joe's been away on business for much of this week and will return home late tonight. So it's just Blackberry and me. We've had a fine time together, and I filled my Wednesday and Thursday evenings with a meeting and a dinner out with a friend, respectively.  Time to stay home, I think.

Earlier in the week I pulled out one of my former leader-ender projects.  One that had become too impressed with itself to remain a leader-ender (why does this always happen to me?).  It's a Sister's Choice block quilt.  For the nine-patch centers, instead of using high contrast fabrics, I'm using two fabrics that look much alike in color and intensity.  I don't know what made me think of this.  Each block is different fabrics for the nine-patch.  For the "wings," all of them are brown.  And the project is very scrappy, all made from Civil War fabrics.  I have about 9 of the 20 blocks finished, and tonight I'm going to see how many more I can complete.  If it is okay with Blackberry.

Will post results sometime tomorrow, but don't know when.  Am off to the Mancuso show in the morning and have dinner plans for the evening.

Oh, yes.  Here's where you go to sign up.

Let the sewing begin!


Susan said…
I need to finish the book for the discussion group at the library on Sunday so no sewing for me tonight. But I will be at Oaks tomorrow. My new assignment has been a challenge for me to accept and I'm feeling the need for some retail therapy.
Denise in PA said…
HI Nancy - I can't wait to see the upgraded leader/ender - LOL! It sounds really nice! I'm off to the show again today too - was there all day yesterday and only got about halfway through!