New Year

I firmly believe that my Jewish sisters and brothers know something the rest of us don't.  Like when a new year begins, for instance.

For the first 18-25 years of our lives, a new year begins in September.  Close to Labor Day.  A new school year, a new year, a new chance to begin afresh.

But the calendar indicates that a new year begins in the middle of winter.  In January.  How unnatural is that.

I was reading a European quilter's blog the other day.  It was written in Hungarian and she had thoughtfully provided a translator.  So some of the phrasology was quaint or just a tad awkward.  Then I came to this magical phrase that I thought of this morning when I noticed that the dogwood leaves, right on schedule, have begun to turn.  Read it.  Read it slowly.  And aloud.  And you'll see how lovely it is:

Slowly it is autumn already knocking at the gate.

Come on in, autumn.  We're ready.  And Happy New Year.


Loris said…
Never thought of it like that before...So True! Now I know why I feel like celebrating when September rolls around. It is a new beginning.
Thanks for sharing the thought and the phrase.
Pat said…
The Jewish New Year is the beginning of a week-long process of reflection, culminating in Yom Kippur, the Day of Attonement. What better way to don your Autumn jacket than to wrap it around a clean heart and soul?

A good and sweet New Year to all!

WV = dedovels: a singing group popular in desixties.
Micki said…
The New Year celebration in September was always special in our home. We then got to celebrate another New Year's in January....pretty neat!
Gretchen said…
Oh three cheers for that sentiment. Happy New Year! September does seem like a fresh start; a time to get back on track after the diversions of summer. I miss being on an academic calendar.
Tanya said…
And in Japan the beginning of the year starts in April with spring!