Farmer's Wife Seeks Good Home

Some of you have been following my cranky journey with The Farmer's Wife.  Well, friends, this afternoon I cut the border strips and just might get some of them sewn on this evening.  In any event, I don't need the book anymore.  Actually, I haven't needed it for quite some time, ever since I decided to go my own way with this project.

I've noticed on some blogs some rising excitement about The Farmer's Wife.  People are signing up for classes, eager to learn to use templates, wanting to discuss farm life, that kind of thing.

So if there is anyone out there who wants to embark on this journey, I'm offering the book (complete with pencil marks but that is about all), the CD, and the printed out templates.  Would happily trade all of this for some of your CW scraps -- I've got an urge to try a Dresden Plate.  Or if you've something else to trade, lemme know.  I'd love to get this out and in the mail during the coming week.  Monday Morning Update:  A trade has been negotiated and will take place this week.

And, friends, if you really want to know about farm life, I direct you to the Pulitzer prize-winning novel our book club will be discussing later this month:  A Thousand Acres, by Jane Smiley.  Warning:  Not a happy book.  But exquisitely written, and frankly, I had a lot of trouble putting it down.  Should make for an excellent discussion.

And now back to the border.


Nancy said…
My scraps are limited..... but I can send you something. I've been looking at this for a while now. What would you want for it all?
Nancy said…
I have a TON of CW...some are fq's..never been used. I bought them for my Civil War Love Letters and I am done with it and I didn't use them all...

Please let me trade??!!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comments on Thousand Acres. I have been wanting to read this book for a while and will go visit the library this week.
Kathy B
PS John is walking again and blogging

WV veradi - Vivaldi's younger brother
quiltmom anna said…
I remember seeing the movie " A Thousand Acres" Nancy- it sure is a powerful story- not happy but thought provoking..
Judi said…
I enjoyed reading the comments from farmers wives in the book, even if the blocks are not "me" at all. I'm sure you will find someone who will really enjoy it and hopefully you will get back something that YOU will enjoy.

You have piqued my interest with your comments on the book The Thousand Acres so it's duly ordered!

AnnieO said…
Glad you worked out a trade!

I tried to read A Thousand Acres and was thrown off by my mom, who likened it to another story. Then I couldn't think of it any other way and put it down. That was about five years ago!
Linda said…
Agree with your assessment of A Thousand Acres. It is well worth a read for any of you who have not read it....the best of her novels IMHO.