Below Average

Last night was Moment of Truth Night.  Yup.  Back to Weight Watchers after two festive weeks.  One person had lost a half pound, another a quarter.  We gave them our heartiest congratulations, the rest of us, those on the other side of the continuum.

Today I did some research on the internet, downloaded some appealing Points Plus recipes, and went to the store to buy ingredients for this delectable dish (which is in the oven and making the house smell good even as I type).  I printed out nearly a dozen additional new recipes.

I was bemoaning my gain to a colleague who pointed out that the average American gains seven pounds during the last two weeks of each year, and I hadn't gained that much.  In fact, she pointed out, I was below average!

Imagine that.

If you don't hear from me for a while, know it is because I've moved to Lake Woebegon, where I imagine the internet service to be less than stellar.

Evening Update:  The spinach lasagna rolls were excellent.  Dirtied multiple pots, bowls, etc.  But excellent.


Nancy said…
I starting counting carbs last year and have lost 42 pounds...easiest way to diet I have ever found...and no..I didn't do any exercise..I hate exercise...the last time I tried CURVES.. I did one round of machines and promptly passed out...yep..that's me laying on the floor with the ambulance
Never again..
Do they really measure in fractions of a pound?
Anonymous said…
I too gained but have tried to get back on the wagon this week. I'm an on-line member and I cheated and didn't record my weight this Monday. I couldn't face the cheery little message, "You've gained this week." I've been haunting the two blogs you have in your sidebar for recipes as well and applaud you for trying the new ones. You can do this. I have 100 lbs to lose and I've even convinced I can do it.
As always, thanks for your blog
Pat said…
If it's any consolation, I read somewhere that a big heart weighs more than a little, mean one; that's probaby accounts for your excess poundage. As you are aware, after our trip to Germany, I have half of Bavaria grafted to my hips. My sister (who has the other half of Bavaria on HER hips)just started a new diet involving yogurt, ans I was gobsmacked to learn that she had never EVER eaten yogurt before. She's 56, fer cryin' out loud. What was mom thinking when she raised her?
Gari in AL said…
I downloaded that recipe, too, so I am looking for your review. And congratulations for getting back to WW. It is a great way to loose weight and a wonderful lifelong lifestyle.
Pamela Kieffer said…
Nancy, congratulations on staying under the usual holiday gain. With the new program on Weight Watchers I find I have trouble eating all my points. Fruit and veggies are the main part of my daily diet. My daughter suggested a glass of wine or two would bring it right up to 29.
I found a great cod fish recipe in the Washington Post yesterday. My husband liked it so much he ate the leftovers for lunch today.
Yes, the holiday weight gain...

I know there are a few more pounds I don’t need. I still struggle to lose the 25 I put on after my younger sister died at 49 two and a half years ago. I ate grief ice cream every night until I couldn’t wear any of my pants. Thoughts of naming my gut “Teri Tummy” cross my mind occasionally. I have stopped buying ice cream. I still cry every day about her.
Lori said…
Good for you for getting right back on after the holidays!!!
altar ego said…
After my husband finishes his breakfast we're heading to the gym. Day three this week! Dietary changes alone don't work for me to lose weight, and I've got 50 pounds to shed. Well, they won't shed, I'll have to sweat them off, but you get the idea. I'm trying to adjust my routine to eat more frequently, and go with smaller portions, to help my molasses metabolism.

Good luck to you!
Anonymous said…
Still love your sense of humor. I guess I'm below average, too. I gained about a pound, and want to walk it off, but there's all that dratted cold, wet, white stuff out there!