My Word

This morning I was thinking about the rich abundance of opportunities for Quilters Who Blog (or Bloggers Who Quilt, as you prefer).  The new year has brought numerous quilt-alongs, blog hops, UFO challenges, and the usual number of just plain inspirational photographs that make me think, "Oh, I want to do something like that!"

All of this got me thinking about my tendency to want to do it all.  Not to have it all, but to do it all.  I'm a terrible sucker for "just one meeting per month" and "only one block per week" enticements.

And then I reach the point where the things that I'd expected to be fun have turned into obligations that aren't fun, but pressures.

I've printed out the instructions for Lori's little quilt-along; a tiny quilt shouldn't take up that much time.  But I've not done anything about it.  Then I saw what Barbara Brackman was up to and realized that I've never done a whole lot with eight-inch blocks and I had a wealth of CW fabrics so at least it wasn't going to be expensive, and I started making her blocks.  I've forced myself to quickly close windows that open with yet more challenges, projects, quilt-alongs.

A little while ago I read Sandy's blog.  She's identified her "word for 2011."  It is "participate."  She challenges her readers to identify their own words for 2011.

Thinking about all that is going on in my family, at my job, at church, with quilting opportunities,  and in the rest of my real life, my "word for 2011" is on the tip of my tongue but I can't quite find it.  It isn't restraint and it isn't exactly balance but it is something in that general neighborhood.  Something like judicious or careful.  And then I find it:  thoughtful.  I want to not enter pell-mell into every possible opportunity that comes along.  I want time for consideration and a thought-out decision.  Thoughtful.  Thank you, Sandy.  I needed that.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I understand exatly what you're talking about, my word for 2011 is "purpose". Great post.
*karendianne. said…
Great post! I think mind is "prioritize." I've already had to bow out of a couple things I'd normally participate in. It's difficult but I can't do it all and as it looks anyway it's sketchy.
Salem Stitcher said…
Great word. I may steal it.
For some reason, I thought of this word for you: equipoise.

My word? Nice.
Juliann said…
That is a good word - hope it will guide you to a place of peace and joy!
Gari in AL said…
I had thought about this during the fall and came to the same kind of decision. I am eliminating things that are not bringing me pleasure or that are putting pressure on me that I don't need. I limit the "challenges" I accept and enjoy the ones that I do. Retirement lets one do that, you know.
Anonymous said…
Ha, I think my word for the year is 'finish'! There are so many things I left hanging when Paul started going downhill, and it's time to pick them up and finish them. I'm trying to organize myself to do just that ... while starting some new things that keep me going for now, too.
Judi said…
Mary and I were talking about this yesterday too!

I think I told you that Stan and I had started a new business, which has been talking up pretty much ALL of my time since July.

I'm now at the stage where I can cautiously plan to have some "me" time over weekends. It's so tempting to jump into everything!

My New Year's resolution was to examine some of the things I do that have become a "duty" rather than a "joy" and to see what could be dropped. I resigned from a couple of my "duties" last night, and guess what? The world didn't stop turning and in fact two people willingly offered to take over from me.

I had just signed up for a sewing "challenge" for the year, which in many ways would be really nice to do. The challenge is to create small art works of specified sizes, one a month, and to swap them. It's tempting, because I'd need to make something a little arty which would stretch my designing skills.

Having said that, I have a dozen projects sitting in my sewing room, with the fabrics all picked out and ready to a few projects started at workshops which I would love to continue with.

Having talked it over with Mary, I have decided to pass on the Challenge and go with my own projects.

Thoughtful....yes....a very good word....
Denise in PA said…
I'm with you Nancy! I was thinking the very same thing for myself for this year. And "thoughtful" is perfect! Last year, I just joined and did and bought, etc, and I just have to be more "thoughtful" this year - thanks for putting it into words!
Sometiimes I wonder if someone hammeredinedb "Idle hands do the devil's work" into you child brain. Thoughtful is good. Go for it.
You nay wonder what the inscrutable word "inedb" is doing in my comment. I thought I was typing the WV in the proper space. Maybe I shouldhave just let you ponder over it.
New WV - prosies: a flowery essay
Kim said…
Wait! What? We CAN'T do everything? Why not?! Well, I'm still trying, I think, and mostly having fun doing it, but I know what you mean. I'm kind of looking forward to having a break from teaching, because although it was fun, it was very time consuming. There are a couple other things I'm cutting back on too, but you know . . . I'll be doing all the rest, I'm sure.
Laurie said…
I've decided my 2011 word is "engage." As opposed to, say, "spectate." I want to watch less, do more.

Thanks for this idea!