The Fork

A long, long time ago, back when I still needed to hire a babysitter, Joe and I went with Bob and Bonnie to a play performed by a local theater group.  I've no idea what the name of the play was, or even the plot.  The thing I remember -- the thing we all remembered -- was the guy who regretted some decisions he'd made and the way his life had turned out as a result.  He'd press his forehead against the wall or against a tree trunk and intone, "I've gotta go back to the fork!"  He believed that if he could return to the fork in the road, he'd be able to take the other path and all would be well.

Every once in a while things work out that way.

Towards the end of December, Lori posted a picture of the most darling little quilt and said she was going to hold a quiltalong.  I thought (a) I'd never done a quiltalong and it sounded like fun and (b) the quilt was about the cutest thing ever.  So I planned to quilt along.  Well, then along came Barbara Brackman with her Civil War blocks, and somehow I got sucked into telling myself, "Well, it is just one block per week."  And so I started making them.  The first two were fine, even though I was thinking that I already have a 6" CW sampler in progress and did I really need an 8" one too?  Then came the third block and I didn't like it but started it anyway.  Before it got finished, there was the fourth block, another one I don't like.  Barbara is providing wonderful history lessons, and I'm going to keep visiting her blog and reading about the blocks.  And that is the extent of what I'm going to do.  My cousin has already offered to take my few completed blocks off my hands so they don't lurk around and annoy me.

Back at the fork, I've gone back and printed out Lori's instructions.  It's too late for me to actually quilt along but I'm going to get started on her dear little project and quilt behind!


Pat said…
I thought the same thing about BB's blocks. I've gotten involved in the Civil War Chronicals BOM, and her quilt was just too much. Now that I have seen some of the blocks I am glad I did not do it. I tried to find Lori's quilt-along, but could not. I did like Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Boll, though. It's tough having Attention Quilt Disorder!

Loved the pucture of the fork in the road. Reminded me of Maxwell Smart.
Lori said…
It is so easy to caught up in all the fun happenings in blogland. Glad you'll be doing the quilt behind...although it wont take much to get caught up.
Denise in PA said…
Nancy - I did the same thing! But, didn't get as far as you. I got my file folder all ready, printed out the first 3 block instructions and then thought - what the heck am I doing?!?!?! This is the last thing I need to be starting. So, I will also read along on Barbara's blog and enjoy the stories - and everyone else's blocks!!
Shasta Matova said…
There are a lot of people having quilt alongs lately. Lori's looks especially interesting, but I am waiting to finish something before starting something else. I am thinking about making some random quilt a long blocks, and putting them together, like making orphans to put in an orphan quilt.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Going back to the fork reminds me of the little framed picture that hangs over this computer, it's a print by Mary Englebreit entitled "Don't Look Back"... it has helped me enormously over the years by keeping everything in perspective.