Miscellaneous -- This is going to be long . . .

. . . because what it is is a bunch of random thoughts, none of which is well enough developed to warrant a post of its own.  Stay with me if you wish.
  • I remember at one point as a kid learning the word "miscellaneous" and thinking it was just about the best thing ever.  First, of course, was the sound of it.  Come on, try it out slowly for a change -- it's like pure maple syrup rolling around on your tongue.  And then there was what it meant.  And as a kid, before I totally understood about sorting and organizing, what it meant was "everything else."  What a concept!  A word that held everything that didn't seem to belong in a designated spot.  We don't run across that word often anymore, and when we do it is, unfortunately, in its abbreviated form.  So I begin with a tribute to a once favorite word that still is pretty wonderful.
  • I'm tired of reading about people who are tired of reading about Sarah Palin.
  • All over bloggerville quilters are getting ready for Valentine's day.  Me, not so much.  I've bought a card for my Beloved and at this point I even know where it is (that's because I just bought it day before yesterday rather than because I am so super-organized that I have the mythical place for everything, etc.)  And I bought cards for the two grandchildren who are old enough to appreciate getting a piece of mail.  On the 14th, it so happens, we'll be going out to dinner together, but that is more because we happen to have Chamber tickets for that evening rather than a need to join multitudes in meals that have been inflated in price for one night only.  I don't make, have, or put up seasonal decorations for Valentine's day.  A person can only do so much.
  • I picked up the Indigo and Caramel Baskets from Mary Ellen last night and she did a lovely job quilting it.  The binding is already made (yay for me!) and I happen to know where it is, too.  So this weekend I plan to get it attached and have my first finish for Nancy's UFO Challenge completed on time.  Expect a photo when the weather is fit for same.
  • I'd seen pictures, promos, and reviews of this new book on the blogs a couple of weeks ago, and although I seldom feel as though I need to buy another quilt book, something told me this would be an exception.  Turns out I was right.  I've looked it over and over and over and believe I'll eventually try at least two of her projects:  Irish Chain and Pinwheel.  
  • I won a $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop at Kim's recent drawing (yay for me again!) and have mentally spent it at least fifty different ways.  This shop already had me as a customer; they are just a splendid place to shop with pleasant people, generous kits, and just an all around lovely feel.  Kim's pretty lovely herself, if you really want to know.
  • Been thinking about the bag I made a week or two ago and about the fabric left over from the Jungle Song quilt and how that fabric would make a nice bag.  Or two.  But there isn't enough of any one piece for the dimensions of that bag.  I like the proportions of the bag and would like to retain them.  I wasn't exactly sure how to do that but some wee glimmer from 9th grade algebra showed up in my random access memory, the piece where you make the two fractions and cross multiply and "solve for X" and by jove I believe I've got it.  Going to try a smaller, well-proportioned tote bag right soon.  Imagine, fifty-two years later, getting the answer to "Well, when am I ever going to need to do this?"
  • Rather proudly mentioned this feat to my Head of School, who in a previous life was a middle school math teacher (talk about sainthood) and presently is teaching one section of algebra 2 (which I sometimes have to monitor for him when he has a schedule conflict -- do not be alarmed -- he provides detailed worksheets for them to do and I just have to sit and maintain order.  Which in a Quaker school isn't the challenge it is elsewhere.  But back to the point:) and was animatedly telling him, "You know:  Where you solve for X!" and he looked back at me and with a straight face, said, "But in algebra it is always about solving for X."  


Laurie said…
I'm shocked at how much I use algebra in real life. Seriously.

Also, one of my favorite words in the world is "miscellany." But I think it should be pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. Unfortunately nobody ever asked me.

Word Verification: Nossesse. Brand of French facial tissue.
Pat said…
I might have a piece of turquoise LB fabric that will go with your Jungle Song fabs. If I can find it (good luck with THAT), it's yours. Can't wait to see Indigo & Caramel. Mary Ellen did a wonderful job on my daughter's baby shower quilt. Having a good, reliable, fast long-armer in the neighborhood is great.

Maybe you could teach a class on Quilt Math.
AnnieO said…
There are a lot of random thoughts that float around, aren't there? One of my favorite words is "mayhaps", which probably is midieval, but I like misc too.

I have one Valentine's Day decoration--which I made last year. Our anniversary is in Feb so we have NEVER gone out for dinner on Valentine's since we have been married, and only once before that, LOL! At least you already bought cards.

Can't wait to see your finished quilt.
OT Quilter said…
I am with you on Valentine's Day. You're right. A person can only do so much. Thanks for the tip on the book. It looks like it may make its way to my mailbox someday soon.
Check out this website, where you can "save a word."
Be patient, it takes a while to load, but it's worth it for us word hounds.
altar ego said…
* I love miscellaneous

* I'm totally tired of Sarah Palin in any form

* and I asked that question about algebra, too.
Diana said…
I had to laugh about your cards, because I just came across a stash of cards I bought at one time or another that I "lost" and so never got to mail out. Alas, no Valentine cards in the bunch.
Ray said…
Nancy, you make me smile!!!

I received the book yesterday, and it is my next to read.
wordmama said…
I love random thoughts.

I have always loved the "logic" of equations, how "if you do something to one side of the equation, you must do it to the other side as well." It's so satisfyingly fair.

I'm glad I got to say that.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Happy that you have a freshly quilted quilt to bind while your random thoughts continue . . . but, like you, it helps me to download some of them onto paper (or keyboard). Frees up space for new ideas and other miscellaneous stuff!

Hugs to you!

p.s. I liked algebra, didn't like geometry - LOVE my quilter's calculator!
quiltmom anna said…
I do love all the things that you shared- it is a wonderful post Nancy.
Congratulations on winning the 50 dollar gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop- You are so right that Kim is terrific - She has a wonderful blog too.
Looking forward to seeing your new quilt.
Have a great weekend.
suz said…
Well, I'm impressed with your use of algebra! My math teacher, Sr. Eleanor, had pupils and students - students were the kids that got it. I was at the bottom of the pupil list. I think she passed me out of frustration. I just never got it. Oddly enough, I worked for accountants for years and could look at a financial statement and know something was wrong.
I have to admit "miscellaneous" is not one of my favorite words. I now work for lawyers and I see too many people throw everything into "miscellaneous" folders and nothing can be found! There is certainly a time and place for miscellaneous. That being said, I do have a miscellaneous stack of fabric :0)
BTW - I love hearing about your school - it sounds like a wonderful place to learn and to work in!
Finally, congrats on winning that gift certificate - that is a great store!